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My First WI


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Hey guys,

Im just back from the chemist, and Ive lost 5lb.
I have mixed feelings about the loss. I would of course liked have lost more than 5lb, especially after seeing how well some people on here have done in their first week.
However, I do know that I am now 5lb lighter than I was 7 days ago, and that is not to be sniffed at!

Am I likely to ever have a massive loss? Should I get my arse in the gym to help shift a few pounds? I got myself some fibreclear this time, so heres hoping that might help me get rid of a few pounds! x
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I am absolutely nobody to be able to give advice, its only day 5 for me - but you should be happy you lost 5 lbs, maybe the bigger weight losses are from people like myself who have more of a mountain to move.....

keep motivated and it may show up next week as a decent loss again - i wouldnt be dismayed just be happy you lost 5lb "ITS BLOODY BRILLIANT" you are 2 and a half bags of sugar lighter YEEEEEEEEEYYYYYY

good luck xx
5lb is great!!!

Look at it this way- you are more than a 10th of the way to your goal weight which is fantastic! Go and weigh 5lbs worth of stuff from your kitchen cupboards, put it in a rucksack and put it on your back... I promise you that you will be amazed by how much you've lost!!

Well done hun

Don't be disappoint Emma, I'm sure when you update your stats your % will be good, and better 5lb off than 5lb on, keep your chin and get on the fibreclear x
5lb is fab, it really is. I always say, please try not to measure your losses against anyone else. 5lb is great for you. You could have bigger losses, you could have a steady 4lb loss every week from now. We just can't tell til it happens.

(ANd yes if you've had probs then the fibreclear may help a little too!)

good luck for week 2.
5 pounds is brilliant. it took me a month to lose that at slimming world!!
You should be very proud.....think of it in terms of lard , how heavy is a block of lard!
Well done you!!


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5lb is really good, as has been said imagine carrying 5lb of potatoes with you all day every day
also I think with food replacement diets you have to look at the bigger picture, if you think 'a stone a month average' then in less that 4 months you will be where you want to be, not many other diets can get those losses



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Cheers Guys, I knew Id get some positive ecouraging words, I really appreciate them.
Im just guzzling my last ever strawberry shake. God, they taste rank. Ive got a whole weeks worth of chocolate to keep me going now! :D Yay!

I was with Slimming World for 8 weeks, up until Last Weds, and I only lost 8lb doing that.

I still dont know if im in ketosis. I feel really tired. I cant wait to feel energetic. Does that really happen to everyone, or will I be the only one who stays feeling like a donkeys ass? lol


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ketosis does happen, it can take some longer than others, I felt a bit better and not hungry at about day 4 but took me about 2 weeks to get the buzz ... now I'm rocking, no donkeys ass for me :)

speedy ketosis wishes for you!
well done hun x
5lbs is great,congrats x
keep doing what your doing.if you stick to it there's only one way your weight will go,and thats down.
its gonna be alot quicker than most other ways to lose weight.
look forward to your next weigh in
x jo x

I can totally relate to the fear that you'll be the 'one' left feeling like a Donkey's ass. I was just reading the thread where everyone was saying they feel fine and thinking
"nooooooooooooooooooooo" I feel a bit rubbish really... so you're not alone in your worry.

5lb tho- fantastic!!! Don't lose your drive- you'll get to where you want to be. I'll be so pleased if I can lose that on my first weigh in... I'm going to view it as weight that will be gone forever- and that has GOT to be a good thing!!

Well done on the 5lbs hun x

I know EXACTLY how you feel as I have been following the diet 100% and I only lost 4lbs on my first weigh in :( I was told 3lbs so I was devestated but she worked it out wrong, But was still [email protected] 4lbs.

The following week I lost 8lbs :D & last week 4lbs

My next weigh in is on Monday

Please keep at it



I will be skinny again!!!
Thats why you dont have a Huge loss chick!

because all of us are usually starting out from not dieting we have huge glycogen stores... so our first loss is, glycogen, water and fat...

Whereas because you were dieting, you dont have any so your loss has been pure fat :)


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Hi Indie,
very well done to you, 5lb is nothing to be sniffed at. Well done on your diet before now and I think Chelly is right, it is because of this that you haven't lost a larger ammount. However you will do very well every week and you will be delighted with the results. Best of luck for the coming week.
Well done! You've a good grounded attitude so all you have to do is keep going!

Congratulations, 5lbs is great! :D