My friend has just scared the crap out of me

Discussion in 'Lipotrim Forum' started by dubcat, 23 October 2009 Social URL.

  1. dubcat

    dubcat Member

    I made friends with a guy through playing an online games and he has just completed his degree in nutrition. He has just scared the poo out of me. He is telling me that i should get off any kind of diet such as lighter life or lipotrim as the longer term dangers are not known and they can cause organ failure. Im really scared - dont know what to think/do! :( He even mentioned that going in to Ketoacidosis might trigger diabetes, something im really worried about since we have a family history of it.

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  3. xsarahloux

    xsarahloux ~~someday!~~

    you won't go into ketoacidosis if you do lipotrim properly, ketosis yes (not dangerous) ketoacidosis no.

    i suppose the flip side is we all know the long term affects of being overweight and they are very dangerous, and also include diabetes, so the choice is yours!

    they wouldnt be run by pharmacies and doctors if they were dangerous, just think about it hun and do what is right for you xx
  4. tasha2000

    tasha2000 Full Member

    If you are really worried then call lipotrim and ask them for the stats.. I have yet to come accross anyone who has had organ failure on lipotrim... being over weight is the number one cause of diabetes.... do your research and hopefully it will reassure you xxx
  5. IrishMum

    IrishMum A little of everything!

    Ditto tasha- being overweight is the no. 1 cause of diabetes.
    I don't know anything about Lighter life, but I believe it was developed by two ladies who were fed up yo-yo dieting. Lipotrim was developed for the health service as a pre-surgery diet, to enable obese people lose weight quickly so they could undergo sugery. To me, that means it has to be safe to use. I'm a bit unsure as to using it for a long period of time, as it was only ever meant to be a 'quick' way of shifting weight and long-term effects probably were overlooked to an extent?
    Google 'ketoacidosis'- you'll find its a pretty extreme reaction and not that 'easy' to develop? And often confused with ketosis.
    Ask him to back up his comment- why would Lipotrim cause organ failure- thats a hugely sweeping statement! It's marketed as a meal replacement diet that contains all your daily nutritional requirements?
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  6. bigwelshboy

    bigwelshboy Full Member

    i think whats worse a couple of months on LT or years of being overweight its up to you and you alone who's got to make that informed decision personally been on LT 6 weeks and never felt better and the only diet that has worked for me but risks are risks either way you have to have trust in what ever diet you do or you will just fail if you do not trust LT may be it is not the diet for you.
  7. lisa66

    lisa66 Full Member

    firstly i resurced this diet alot b4 going on it as i have liver and kidney problems . but my doc advised it and second if follow it to the rule then you have no problems . things go wrong wen you do your own thing ,miss shakes dont drink water etc . so i think if a doc recommends it with all my problems i should say it ok . i admit that everything has side affects but we all take a risk every day in one way or the other . but wot i would say is the problem with people with a little knowledge can be dangerous with there comments . if you have any queres talk to the advice line . but again if you are in that much doubt then may be you shouldnt be on it . ps. just look at all the people on here with great results does the diet no talk for its self ????;)
  8. dubcat

    dubcat Member

    Ok I'm going to stick on the diet. I know it works - that was never my concern. The concern is whether being on it will lead to some medical issues in the future. Being as big as I am will probably cause even worse issues though - so i'll stay on the diet at least for the first two stones of weight loss.

    Thanks for your words of wisdom.
  9. Jeep

    Jeep Otherwise known as Jools

    I have a friend who does not approve of this diet and had not let me explain anything about it. He used to be an exercise trainer and only had experience of the horror stories from years ago. He hates me being on this diet and we have had more arguments over this than anything else in the years that we have known each other.

    However, I have listened to him and understood his fears and worries and concerns for me, but I feel that I am more at risk from serious diseases such as Strokes, Heart Failure, Diabetes etc if I stayed morbidly obese than I would be for doing this diet for a while. There is the risk that whilst we are on Lipotrim that we might have gallstone problems, but we can get them when obese too !!

    I have read that these kind of diets should only really be followed for 3 months ( I think that was on the National Obesity Forum ) but as long as you feel well, have no problems and are checked out by your GP now and then for Blood Pressure etc then there is no real reason why I should not continue. I was seen by my GP a couple of weeks ago and they said I was fine.

    This diet is not forever - for most people its a few months to make massive lifestyle changes.

    BUTTERBEAN94 Is a loser! ;-)

    My mum was really worried and googled everything that would try to scare me out of doing this diet...I sat her down with the video and leaflets and explained it all to her...She understands more now...i think its those with lack of understanding that think we are starving ourselves...when in actual fact ive never felt better, or had as much energy....we are getting all our nutrients and vitamins and if we stick to it 100% we will be fine. XX
  11. anne-mariep

    anne-mariep Silver Member

    I tink people who make them sweeping statements are just trying to be no-it-alls who in reality know nothing! they have heard bout horror stories bout people dying while on lighter life and assume it is goin to happen to everyone. There was an article in a newspaper in ireland written about tfr diets which lacked any good things about the diet it showed them as waste of time diets which dont work and damage your health. My whole family upon reading this were very upset naturally. I sat them down and explained the cold hard FACTS. this was no only developed by a team of doctors but also nutritionists. You are not allowed do this alone wit no guidance or instruction that is why you must weigh in every week (i know there are some pharmacies which allow 2 weeks for special circumstances but it must be once a week normally). you are asked health questions at the start to make sure you qualify and you must be within a certain bmi range.

    There are many so called professionals out there who are against tfr and believe we shud all just eat healthy and exercise an magically we will all be thin. If these people were correct then why is obesity so high????

    It is a personal choice whether you choose to do a tfr diet but lipotrim is the best ive seen it is not a quick fix it is a lifestyle change and the support continues after you have lost all the weight which is lacking in other diets. The scientific facts of liotrim i believe speak for themselves but just read some of the people's stories on this website who have refed and mantained. They are proof that this works and their health is better than ever.
  12. dubcat

    dubcat Member

    The comment about not being allowed to do this without supervision .. i really disagree with that strongly. My pharmacist knows sweet F A about lipotrim and made loads of mistakes when telling me about the diet. In fact it was not even the pharmacist - it was one of the assistants i was told i had to speak to. I learned more from 5 mins on this forum than anything I got from my pharmacist and as far as I am concerned I am doing this diet unsupervised. They do not test for ketones... they simply take your weight once a week.. nothing more. They don't take urine samples and can therefore have no idea at all whether you are damaging you are drinking enough water or not...

    I'm going to stick with it for a maximum of 3 months.. maybe 2. I'm not saying it IS bad for you or it ISNT... I just want to point out that relying on your pharmacist is putting yourself in a false sense of security if the pharmacy you buy from is anything like mine.
  13. tasha2000

    tasha2000 Full Member

    Hi dubcat, I would defo get onto lipotrim office about your pharmacist... I went in for restart yesterday... The pharmasist spent 40 minutes with me, even though he had spent over an hour in feb before i could start lipotrim.. He went through every page in the lipotrim literature, gave me all the scientific ins and outs.... He was more thourough than any gp I have been to for a long time...
    They dont take urine samples or check for ketosis I understand that.. but you should not be going to a pharmasist who doesnt know what they are talking about or offers any support.... Each time I go I am asked how I am feeling, it is all charted... after 4 days on tfr i get a phonecall from the pharmacy to make sure I am doing ok, and an invite in to chat if there is any problems.....
    He goes through the changes that the body goes through in detail, tells me all the side effects noted etc.. and all this even though I know it all ready, he has a duty to inform me again.... He talks to me about my feelings etc. and my long term plan, and urges me even when finished with liportim to go into them and get weighed once a week (for ever lol) so we can nip in the bud any weight problems or issues in the future before they escalate...
    I am saying if your pharmasist is crap then they shouldnt be doleing out lipotrim.. hths x
  14. Toots

    Toots Gold Member

    I think you have your answer in the phrase

    "he has just completed his degree in nutrition."

    Sounds like an over-eager puppy who has a little knowledge and no experience. I don't think there is any malice in him.

    Like the others have said, these diets have been through vigarous testing

    Take care

  15. Yasmine

    Yasmine One last chance

  16. fatisnofun

    fatisnofun Full Member

    People have told me all sorts of scary stuff about this diet, from hair falling out to someone having a twisted gut!
    All I can say is right now I'm almost 5 stone overweight, I suffer from arthritis in my knees (I'm only 35) and have fibroids which cause a lot (and I mean a LOT) of pain during my time of the month...thats now, present time! Both of these are caused by me being overweight, I have no doubt! There is a history of heart disease and diabetes in my family, if I stay this weight I'll be next in line for a heart attack or I'm taking action NOW, as far as I can see, the only risks would be if you stayed on it too long, didn't do it properly, or didn't maintain a healthy diet when you finish.

    BTW I tried WW a few months ago...I lost 7lb's in 3 weeks! Thats lovely and all, but the problem is when I am overweight my self-esteem is very low and I binge...solution...Lose weight Fast..then go back to healthy eating!
  17. Cookeh

    Cookeh Recovering Cookie Addict

    Dubcat - I've just posted a new thread on exactly this point, my pharmacy is the same way, and I too was seen by one of the assistants who was far too busy and important to waste time talking to me about the plan. There was no mention of ketosis, testing for ketones, in fact, there was no mention of ANYTHING at all to do with the plan. I was given the sachets and sent on my way. I agree with you, I feel like I'm doing this unsupervised. Since Im on a small dose of BP meds I'm going to start going to my GP regularly and just get checked out there until I can get the pharmacy situation sorted.
  18. anne-mariep

    anne-mariep Silver Member

    I'm sorry you have such a crap pharmacist but wat i meant by the fact that this is supervised is you cannot just go in an get a three month supply and go off doin wat you want. Yes your pharmacist sounds like an idiot but just because you have had a bad experience doesnt mean that you such write off lipotrim in general it is MEANT to be fully supervised.

    you shud try find another pharmacist so your experience on lipotrim is better. I dont have the best pharmacist but that doesnt make me believe that this diet is not good.

    I think your correct about this forum having alot more information than most pharmacies but dats because we have all tried it and experience is prob the most important ting wen giving advice.

    I really hope you look into getting a new pharmacist because i know it hard wen you dont have a supportive person weighing you. And ive been tested for ketones once wen i stayed the same for no reason. The sticks are not 100% accurate thats why they dont test you.
  19. dubcat

    dubcat Member

    I dont know any other pharmacist near me who sells it but to be honest it doesnt matter. I have you lot to get me through it and advise me. You have all been awesome. Im on day 4 and i feel like if this is the worst it gets them i can do this :)
  20. anne-mariep

    anne-mariep Silver Member

    well babes im glad your not relying on them im the same i only use them to get my food and get weighed i dont really ask advice at all, i use this forum for asking questions haha! Yeah day 4 is hard all right just keep drinking water! you sound very determined so well done your weigh in will push you even further!
  21. Lynn8124

    Lynn8124 Gold Member

    Hi Dub. I won't add to the other comments except to say that neither ketosis nor ketoacidosis can trigger diabetes. A low carb diet can prevent or delay the onset of diabetes and certainly losing the weight is a good thing. Ketoacidosis is the result of undiagnosed diabetes where the sugar levels have run very high for months or longer.

    Anyway you probably know all this but I want to add best of luck with LT and maint. afterward. You will not be short of help and support on Mini's.:)

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