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    Hi everyone.
    I started juddd last week and have lost 5lbs....
    Would be lovely to hear from other people on juddd/5:2/intermittent fasting (whatever you want to call it) as it seems a bit quiet on this forum.
    I've tried lots of diets in the past and I know how to lose weight but just get bored... This diet looks perfect for me as I can still eat the food I want too without feeling guilty and feeling a failure.
    This week I've continued to eat what I wanted on up days and deliberately didn't just eat 'diet' food as I wanted to see if this diet actually worked.... I am hopeful so far.
    I did start a diary in the 'members only' section with what I am eating on a daily basis and will post my losses on here..
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    Hi Claz, I'm not currently doing JUDDD; I'm VLCDing with Exante. But I'm planning on switching to JUDDD at some point and the way I'm going it'll be sooner rather than later. :rolleyes:Had hoped to keep going with Exante until I reached 13st leaving me with 2st to lose but I'm struggling with not eating so am thinking I might just switch over and accept the fact that my losses will be slower but I can live with that. So, I am hanging out on the JUDDD forum occasionally to see how people are getting on and to pick up tips for when I start. It'll be good to keep up with your diary and see how you get on. Good luck.

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