My goals, what are yours

Thanks girls for your replies :)

My goals are:

Arrive at 11.5 stone by june(our 9th yr of wedded bliss :).) dreaming here I know :p

Arrive at 10-10.5 stone by kids summer holidays

And last but not least, arrive at 8-8.5 stone by mid September( for my 32nd birthday, and a day racing cars :p:p) now I may be dreaming a tad there too :p

What are your goals and what will you do to celabrate reaching your ultimate goal weight?

Bigmama2littlemama xx
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I have not got a weight in mind, but I want lose as much as possible by the first week of June. I will be back to see my surgeon about my hernia operation, and if I have done well he will do an apronectomy at the same I have the incentive.


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My goals

By March 12th (my bday) I want to lave lost a minimum of 28 lbs. Be brilliant if I can lose 42 lbs. By June/July I want to have reached my goal or be very close to it (9 1/2 stones).

When I get to a comfortable weight (11 - 11 1/2 stones) I want to be back in the dance studios, back in the gym, able to start jogging and not feel like my legs are going to give-way cause I'm carrying a large filing cabinet on my back. lol

I just want to really live life! I've had three kids and I'm still young but don't do half the things people my age do because I hate stressing about what I'm going to wear :sigh: so whenever i'm invited out I say no. That's gotta change.

We will get there ladies. Especially with eachother's help. xxx

p.s: an apronectomy is a tummy tuck :) I'm gonna want/need one of those. and a breast lift + augmentation (implants) ;-)
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a tummy tuck and boob lift here too (tho no implants)

have various goals but the biggest ones is to have lost the weight by the end of the summer or mid autumn and to have all my surgery done when i turn 31. just turned 30 so here we go!!

i also want to start going abroad at least once a year for a holiday but would never attempt that at the weight i am now. good god i wont even go back to america with hubby to visit his family at the moment!

thats another goal tho, to go to usa to see the in-laws for thanks giving in november.


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My goal is to get under 17stone, havent been less than that for 12 years.


My goal is to get to 18 and a half stone by end of march. I will then be able to go back on the pill as my doc refuses me at this weight.

Then I want to be 15 stone by my birthday in July.

I want to be a size 16 by my birthday but don't know if that's poss. Definitely want to be a 16 by my hol in sept tho

Those are my only goals for now


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I have so many goals, but here are a few :)
4 stone off by the end of April, so I can go and wow the mother in law and brother in law when we go up North to see them.
6 stone off for my holidays in July so I may be able to wear a skirt!!!!
The remainder(so 8+ stone) off for my birthday in October so I can buy the slinkiest 10/12 dress and make my husband proud of the dolly bird on his arm :D(he is 40 and I am 25 but at the moment we look the same age!)

Then I want to aim for a tummy tuck, boob job(maybe implants) and lazer eye surgery by Christmas 2008.