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My healthy eating diary

Right here goesl, I cant diet - Im terrible at it, so Im devising my own healthy eating plan:


Ill eat healthy nutritious food when Im hungry and drink lots of water. Ill also stop eating when Im satisfied. Ill allow myself some snacks and treats occasionally. I really want to learn how to allow myself to eat something I fancy and not feel like ive 'blown it' hence ending up binging. Im going to be nice to me and take my time!!!

ill also exercise most days even if its just a walk with the buggy.

Im excited about learning how to make peace with food and my body - I just hope i can relax and not panic about not losing weight quick enough.

ill weigh in on a Thursday

Im looking forward to getting to know ye :0)
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All the best shrinkingannie with your new eating and exercising plan.

Im excited about learning how to make peace with food and my body - I just hope i can relax and not panic about not losing weight quick enough.
I find this is a big one with me as I want my weight off now:cry:
Hi shrinkingannie !

I am doing exactly the same as you and have started today aswell ! I have done very well so far , I know its only 3:30pm but to be honest this is my first ever proper diet. I managed to eat breakfast aswell this morning which is very good for me as I could never eat this before.
I also will allow myself treats aswell ! :)
I think its a great idea not following diets as I know I'll get bored very quickly ! At least with healthy eating there is much more variety of what you can eat , and also it is a long-term thing :)
Good Luck with everything ! xxx
Im also doing healthy eating, but im going to try to now allow myself to have any treats til iv lose some weight and then im going to have treats but only occasionally and hopefully il be able to keep it at that and eat healthily forever on, speaking abit soon though seeing as iv only being eating less and eating healthy for 3 days now... but these three days havent been so bad, just hope it stays that way and hope you do end up losing the weight you want to lose too! good luck!
going well so far, Im really enjoying the healthy eating aspect and feeling good, however I dont feel like Im losing any weight so what I need to do is realise this is it, the slow healthy transformation, no feeling like a failure no Ive blown it binging and just take it easy. Now the next question is whether to weigh in or not, traditionally me and scales dont get on, however again i want to learn to make it not such a big deal and just relax and carry on eating healthy and exercising. plus it is nice to be able to move my ticker even if it is slowly.
I am exercising a bit too - Im just out now for an hour long walk with the double buggy. I really want a pedometer watch but I just cant afford one at the minute.
Hope ye are all doing great
Still going really well and enjoying it, I think Ill wait 8 weeks to WI and really go for it for those 8 weeks, and hopefully have a nice surprise after 8 weeks - aiming for about 16 lbs off. Ive upped my exercise and Im doing something most days now. Hope ye are all getting on good too!!
Hi !
Im glad its going well and your enjoying it !
I am enjoying it aswell and dont think I've ever been this motivated ! I had my weigh in today and have lost 5lb ! Im so excited about losing more ! xx

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