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My Intro


The Minis Bad Boy
Hello all.

I just thought I would introduce myself here. I am a former LL & CD person and mini poster. Though I left a long time ago quietly through the back door. I lost about 4.5 stone on this and left LL about May last year. I then went to CD due to the cost and lost some more. I was happier with myself but couldnt do it anymore. My girlfriend also did it and lost 3.5 stone and went from a size 18 to a size 12.

Since then my relationship went into a downward spiral with my gf just basically treating me like **** and ignoring me. With her new found body and confidence she would always be going out n leaving me at home. She kept the weight off. I didnt.

She then dumped me in february saying she was a different person now and I was still the same old me. By this time I had put all the weight and half a stone more on. And that she didnt find me attractive anymore whereas she had all this oppotunity with other guys she did fancy.

She told me the other night she was ging out with a new guy that weighed about 10 stone, and after she left I went into the cupboard and dragged out the black bin bag full of still in date LL and CD packs. I started yesterday and hit 5 litres of water and 4 packs.

In the time I lost 4.5 stone I cheated every day. And by cheat I dont mean eat a burger. I mean, id have half a sugar in my black coffee. Or id have a diet coke. Or I would have a kids sausage from the fish and chip shop.

Yesterday was the first time I had ever gone a day as a saint. And I even played badminton int he evening. Today I ave done the same so far. I have already drunk 2 litres of water and it will probably be 4 by the end of work.

Theres nothing better to motivate you to your best ever day than a woman who tells you, your are unattractive as a fatty.
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Full Member
Good luck Sulleyp and welocme back to the board! I cant imagine how you must have felt hearing that.

Hope you do well and we are al here for support anytime you need it!

Le xx


The Minis Bad Boy
Well i wont lie to ya. It hurt nad upset me. To the point I prob wouldnt be eating anyway, so I may as well do the VLCD while im at it.


Oh my gosh, im back AGAIN
Good for you sulley, no-one deserves to be treated like that.
Just keep reminding yourself of this whenever you feel like cheating!
You will be slim and handsome soon!!
keep it up, we're all to help and encourage.


Oh my gosh, im back AGAIN
Hi Sulley and good for you, hope you get to your target without too much of a struggle.
You are obv better off without her if thats the attitude she has, she dsnt deserve you!
Just remember this if you ever feel the need to cheat!
You will be fit, healthy and hot in no time!!!
Good luck..


Silver Member
Some people can be so cruel, Good luck with your journey, and the start of a new looking you with the same person on the inside, that shouldnt change, maybe with a little more confidence, (Always good to have more of)


Proper Little Madam
HI SUlley :)

I hope when you're back to your slim, confident self you realise that she isn't worthy of your time and find a girl that is worthy of you. Anybody that puts somebody down because of their weight (especially when they have been overweight themselves) should be ashamed.

You have lost weight before and you can do it again.
Keep up the good work, you will get there. X x


Always Struggling...
Hi Sulley,

I'm not doing CD, but saw your post and wanted to reply. :)

I think you should count that as a blessing in disguise. This girl can't have loved you as a person if she was willing to leave you once she "found confidence". There is more to a relationship than just what is on the outside. I think she was probably just using you as a safety blanket because she thought she couldn't do any better (sorry for the bluntness).

I would hate to see the day that she gains all the weight back and comes crawling back to you! By then, the tables might have turned and you will be the slim one!

I think it's time to concentrate on yourself now and make yourself happier. :)

Good luck on your journey. :)


Cambridge Consultant
Hey Sulley
Just wanted to say. Good luck on your journey, and you know it works as you have done it before so you can do it again.
Before you know it you will be back to feeling good and looking good and feeling confident and be out there finding yourself a new girlfriend. I think that maybe its done you a favour as your gf obviously wasnt very nice especially to say something like that.
So chin up and stick with it and the weight will fall off.
My brother is doing this with me and he has lost over 5 stone in 13 weeks you men are just so lucky!!!


Strong women stay slim
Hi there, very sad story but I do know with some people it does that to them , good job you was not married to her and had kids .
All I can say is lose the weight for you , and i'm sure you will meet someone who is nice.
how are you doing ?
How much stuff did you have left


The Minis Bad Boy
im doing ok. Not great. I lapsed at lunchtime today. i had no excuses. I knew it was wrong even when I was eating the item. Still, Ive had a good couple of days and ive hit my water target. So I am currently punishing myself by arranging a squash game tonight.

I had a fair bit left over. When theres 2 of you doing it you do end up finding it in all sorts of places. Ive got enough to last until the next mens group starts.


Going for Goal!
Hi there, very sad story but I do know with some people it does that to them , good job you was not married to her and had kids .
All I can say is lose the weight for you , and i'm sure you will meet someone who is nice.
how are you doing ?
How much stuff did you have left
It is sad I agree that people leave there partners once weight has been lost. 7 years ago I did the same thing.

My boyfriend of the time I thought I was in love with, but often in small 'misunderstandings' he would throw into my face about my weight.

My sister encouraged me to kill the mans pride, by loosing the weight and taking a run and jump.

I did exactly that. I lost weight and became confident in myself for the first time in my life. All his remarks made me miserable, friendless, unsociable and a total mess.

Now I am back on cd after stopping suddenly and putting weight back on. But although I am big, i am now married (to someone else!) to a man who respects me and has NEVER once used my weight as a way of power towards me and i've never been happier.

Same to you Sulley - you'll find the right one - sometimes you just need the confidence to believe in yourself and you can achieve anything.

Big hugs x x x


The Minis Bad Boy
Haha thanks ladies. I appear to have a painted a poor picture o this girl. But in a way i've painted a perfect picture.

She was not massive like me but she was a very very pretty girl with a great personality. And she would always have guys trying to chat her up.

In the end I think she got tired of turning down muscular good looking guys to stay with someone who was morbidly obese.

I just hope that in a few months time she sees me and realises what she has lost.


The Minis Bad Boy
I mean I know this is a weight loss forum not a relationship forum. But she came over the other night to tell me she has a new boyfriend. As you may have read from the initial post. And she gave me a hug. It wasn't a friend hug though. It was a "I miss you hug."

I tried giving her a "You've made you bed now sleep in it" hug, but was unsure If I did or not. :)

Hopefully ladies one of you will be my eye candy when im nice and slim. I can only hope.


The Minis Bad Boy
How annoying!!! She just messaged me for the first time in 2 days (a record for her) and said "How are you?". Just is blantently just to see if Im still upset at her breaking my heart. I just messaged back saying "Fine thanks & you?". And she messaged back saying "Good, ta."

And thats it. I swear she just wanted to get into my head. And make me come off the diet.


Full Member
Good luck with your weight loss. You should be proud of yourself already because you made the choice to better yourself rather than to slip back in to old habits and that is a hard choice to make because it is much easier to stay home and feel sorry for ourselves rather than take that hard road to better ourselves.

You have made the right choice and soon you will be seeing the rewards and will be so proud of yourself!!!

Here's a group hug for you.:grouphugg:


Strong women stay slim
Sulley , that Ex GF , seems like she loves attension .... if she textes you leave it , she will get to think all sorts by it . :)
With your lunchtime eat , I wonder what lead you there , anyway just put it down to a slip of the mouth and carry on shaking lol . so its like hide en seak with your shakes if they are turning up all over the place hehe .
Emma , you were with someone who got what was coming to him . How is CD going for you ?

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