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My journey back to target!

Thought this might help me to keep motivated :D

I joined slimming world in Jan 2008, have found it a great healthy eating plan and easily lost weight that year!

By the end of 2008 I was 4.5 stone lighter :D
Had been slimmer of the month twice
And slimmer of the week 6 times
As well as being voted slimmer of the year by my group :)

All was good I had dropped from a size 22 to size 14

I was still motivated.

I was even happy with the 5.5 lbs I'd put on over Christmas.


Still motivated got down to my pre Christmas weight by the end of Jan,

Weight was more difficult to budge now.

By June I'd lost another 0.5 stone to reach my 5 stone award all I needed to do now was lose 3.5 lbs and I'd be at the weight that I didn't think I would reach :)

I managed it by the end of June :D

This year had brought me 2 slimmer of the week
And group voted me slimmer of the year :D

I was entered in the regional qualifier for slimmer of the year, which was a bit surreal!

I somehow managed to get into the last 6 :D but was relieved not to by picked!

By now I was a size 12 (my goal)

Then the treats started and by Christmas I'd put on 0.5 a stone!

I didn't really mind I was still pleased with how looked in the mirror!


Put on 7 lbs over Christmas, it was fine back down to pre Christmas weight by Feb, but couldn't move the other 7 lbs to get back into my target :cry:

By June I'd had enough, couldn't afford to keep going so stopped.

Which I'm glad I did because losing weight was beginning to take over my life. I would be cross with myself for having a glass of wine or even a biscuit when in reality they would have been within my 15 syns for that day anyway :rolleyes:

So now I'm more relaxed about what I eat, I know I have over indulged at times and am here to put it right.:D

Despite being slightly heavier than 2009 (18 lbs)

I'm still happy with how I look :D I still have 4 stone lost under my belt!

But have lots of nice size 12 clothes I would like to get back into!


Christmas saw a gain of 7.5 lbs :eek: but worth it!

Jan saw a loss of 4 lbs
Here's hoping Feb will be the same then that's Christmas dealt with :D

Right that's enough ramblings for now

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My weigh ins are on Friday.

My week so far has been ok, weekends have always been more relaxed syn wise, using the max 15.

The only indulgence has been 2 G&T's last night but they were needed :D

Exercise wise been on the wii yesterday and today both sessions for 1/2 an hour, so happy with that :)

Will plan meals for the week tomorrow before my weekly shop. :)

Thanks you're very kind :) that's me at my current size 14, a comfortable size 12 is what I'm after :D

Mondays are busy, been to work done food shop ready to collapse but instead have an

Unscheduled meal out tonight :sigh:

not sure I have the will power to go for the good option, oh well at least alcohol is not an option as I'm driving :)



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hi, love you're before and after photo's:D
Well tried to go healthy with my meal :sigh: although I'm sure there were probably loads of syns in it!

Went for peri peri grilled chicken, with cous cous and a tomato and chick pea sauce, was very tasty :)

Today I have felt more in control

Egg and toast for breakfast

Leek and potato soup for lunch

And SW turkey curry for tea :D

Also went on the wii earlier too for 30 mins :)

Feeling like I've not lost anything his week, probably due lunch.

Been at proper work today so I'm a bit shattered, very physical work so don't think I'll bother with the wii tonight :)

Breakfast was weetabix

Lunch was a "healthy" ready meal :sigh:

Dinner is back on plan though

Chicken and Mexican rice :) just need the energy to go and cook it :D



Plodding on.......
Good to see you here Nay. I will be following your thread. It's nice to hear the full story too as I came in part way through on the other thread.

Gail x
Thanks Gail, had a disappointing STS this week, quite annoyed put it down to disorganised lunches :sigh:

Out tonight with the girls so will spend to rest of week doing damage control :rolleyes:

Well had a very enjoyable meal out, stayed in control (well with food anyway :D)

Had grilled chicken with mushrooms and salad

No starter and no pudding :)

But lots of wine :D

Which is a compromise on my behave as I normally drink lager ( glass of dry White 5 syns a pint of lager 15 !)

Have been good since then :)



Plodding on.......
Well done Nay, sounds like a good night and good choices. Personally I would have gone for the pudding rather than the wine :)

Hope you continue to have a good week.

Gail x
STS again!

Felt a bit down about it, but when I think about it I know a should be pleased,
as i was out Friday and drank lots :)
Monday we had a romantic meal in (slimming world friendly :) ) but a bottle of wine was consumed! (but I had cycled 9 miles that day! )
Have been a lot more organised with lunches this week.
Have had a very hectic week with work and general family life so another bottle of wine was consumed last night :sigh: ( I know I shouldn't have :break_diet:)

I'm away this weekend so realistically a loss next week is looking unlikely :(, which is probably why I'm a bit down as that'll be a whole month of STS!



Plodding on.......
Sorry to hear that Nay but having said that, with so much going on and quite a few bottles of wine, actually a STS is quite good. I also have found that some weeks when I haven't lost much (or anything) I seem to lose more inches. I hope that you are still enjoying your food despite the disappointment of STS and that when things settle down you'll start to lose again.

Regardless, I'm sure without SW, you wouldn't have had a STS this month you would have had a gain. At least you have done that so be proud and I look forward to hearing about your losses when you are ready.

Big hugs.

Gail x
Thanks Gail, on a plus note when I was trying on clothes for Saturday night I was actually pleasantly surprised as to the clothes I could still get into, have kind of hibernated this winter and just worn baggy clothes.

So have realised slightly tighter clothes look ok :)

Friends birthday tonight so I'm out, plus it's * week so have decided not to weigh this week as I'll just be depressed if I've put on. Will just have an extra good week next week (no alcohol :) )


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