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My journey

Day 1:
Well the day has finally arrived and I have started my long hard slug to a slim me.

Weighed myself and had my 1st shake at 5:45! Wasn't to sure if I should have it so early as I have never eaten breakfast as it always makes me sick, but surprisingly I felt ok. I feel that by having it so early I am focused on doing this as before when I've restarted I would say to myself I'll have my 1st shake when I get to work (@9) but then always stop at the garage and grab crisps n lucozade. But today I feel different I actually feel like I can do this.

I weighed myself on both normal scales and wii, scales =16:12 & wii = 17:5. I have no idea which weight to go by.

I will need all the help I can get as I am not the strongest willed person.

Here's to a new skinny me!!
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good luck and let us know how you get on!
Best of luck! I'd pick the lower scale and use that from now on :)
Day 2:
So far so good, managed 3litres yesterday. We have a new coffee machine at work, with actual beans, I hate coffee but the smell of it OMG, it makes me hungry when I have to make 1. Lol very strange.

Well I stood on the scales when I got home yesterday for it to show me 17:3, which would give me a gain of 5lbs from the morning :s stood on them again this morning and it shows me 17:1, so a loss from last night but a gain from yesterday morning. Lol I am so confused.
I have decided to weigh myself once a week on the wii then I can maybe get a better reading.
Hi Keighleyjo I'm on day 2 as well and so far so good. I have decided to only weigh once a week as I get de motivated if they don't say what I want them to lol.

Good luck with day 3 :) x
Please do yummy mummy. I need all the help I can get as have not made it past week 3 for over 2 years!!! A little way to go til I get there so trying to stay completely positive x
Day 3:

The start of day 3 is upon me! Feeling rather happy.
Yesterday went well the only time I think about food is when I'm on my break at work and ive finished my shake, I spend the next 20mins staring at the wall thinking about food. Other than that food doesn't enter my thoughts I just hope it stays that way throughout my journey, others I will struggle
Hiya I'm on day 2. Isn't It amazing how much time we have now we aren't eating or thinking about eating. I used to weigh myself once everyday at least, I'm a bit of an addict LOL, but I find even if my weight is down, it makes me think about breaking the diet. I'm just going to get weighed once a week with my CD consultant, which I hope will motivate me for next week.
Good luck. I hear it gets a bit easier after day 3 :)
Day 4:

Yesterday went really well wasnt hungry. Started to end a headache close to bedtime but nothing major. I can't remember how much water I drank yesterday tho, I think it was 3 but I maybe wrong and it might hav only been 2 :s

Scales are really confusing me, telling me 16:12. But I'm not going to pay much attention I am going to weigh myself on the wii on Monday and that's the only weight I will b going by.

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