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I’ve been a lurker on the boards for a while and thought I’d ‘give something back’. These are all my personal low-carb favourites that helped me shed 22lbs last year. In the light of everyone’s amazing losses in this community I realise it’s not much but it’s made a huge difference to how I feel and look.

Stuff I like:

‘Two Chicks’ egg whites in a carton – from Waitrose/Fresh and Wild. I was having omelettes every morning for breaky and was a bit worried about all the cholesterol (yes, I know it’s not supposed to matter, but still) so I started using this. A tsp of Dijon mustard whisked in peps up the taste no end!

Alpro Lite soya milk (chilled) – from Tesco – unsweetened and something tiny like 0.2 carbs per 100ml. Slightly vanilla-flavoured so no good for savoury recipes! I have to say I loved this stuff but recently, weirdly, have completely gone off the taste. Has anyone else had this with food?

Go Lower nut bars. Yum.

M&S Greek Salad tubs (currently 2 for £3!). They look tiny but they’re SO tasty and fill you up for hours. I lost the majority of my weight by having one of these for lunch – amazingly, they’d keep me going till supper.

M&S sugar-free butterscotch. Utterly divine! And self-limiting because if you eat too many you get the RUNS!:eek:

I live in London so have all manner of poncy food shops on my doorstep, but I think these things are available all over the UK (apart from the egg whites, perhaps).

And it’s just my personal opinion but here’s the stuff I DIDN’T like:

Sero bars. Eeuw. (posted about these earlier today).

Dietimeal puddings from Avidlite – very synthetic taste and far too much sweetener, weird foamy texture.

Also tried Dietimeal porridge sachets – they were OK but very sweet and took some getting used to.

Anyone else have any favourites to share?

Off to watch the inauguration now!
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Hiya, you've some good tips there. :) Yes the sero bars: :sign0137: :9529::giggle:

Miss Macaw

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S: 10st13lb C: 9st3lb BMI: 20.2 Loss: 1st10lb(15.69%)
Oh, I just love your emoticons! Or should I say vomicons!

Good luck with the low-carbing. It really stopped me feeling hungry and took away the temptation to nibble. Most effective thing I've ever done. It's the keeping it off that's the hard work!

Re the egg whites, they were out of stock in Waitrose the other day. The manager said to me, 'They're fairly new stock and only come in occasionally,' to which I replied 'Yes, those special chickens that lay yolkless eggs must have a hard time keeping up.' (it was supposed to be a joke).

He looked at me as if I was mad.


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Will deff be popping to M&S for some sugar free butterscotch!!! Thanks for the tips :)