My name is Brittany and i have an addiction...


To Mullerlight yogurts.

I don't get it, this time last year when i did SW i HATED them...
but now i have at least one a day, and i love them so much...

*Sigh* it feels good to get that off my chest! lol.. xx
These are the only things that I can eat for my Breakfast!!! (I have a gastric band) Apparantly first thing in the morning the band is tight, but as I am hungry in the mornings, I can have a Mullerlite and some fruit :)
All hail the mighty Mullers!!!!
I like them too but moved on to Shape feel fuller for longer as I got fed up looking for cheap deals on Mullers. I still havent tried the Aldi ones which sound good too.
i too have an addiction Britney it used to be muller lites it is now low fat super noodles they are immense i cannot survive without them.
I had the Aldi one with wholgrain in and I have to say, although the yoghurt was nice, the grains were just weird - I didn't like them at all!! Very disappointed :(
27p! That's good!

I thought my local Co-op had a good deal on with 3 for £1.20. But I'd def stock up at 27p each!

I can eat two or three of these a day. My favourite is toffee!
haha sorry try having a name like Ria then you will have bother i get Rita maria victoria mia lia rhea rhiannon and thats aside from the usual connotations of rear end diarrhoea etc etc i will remeber in future XXXsorry !!
if you put them in for a couple of hours they go really thick and 'ice-creamy' leave them for too long and they go a bit too icey (what's with the made up words????) anyhoo think you'll get the idea hun!!!
I'll be trying this at the weekend!!

I can honestly eat like 3 a day if i had the chance... xx

Well i had an apricot one for breakfast and will probably have a banana and custard one for my mid-afternoon snack at about 3pm...
And maybe one for desert at home haha!!

At least i'm getting my calcium! xx