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my new favourite word.. fritata... :)

I decided to see what all the fuss was about and made myself a fritata... ( mixed peppers, mushrooms, onion, 'tater cubes )
suffice to say I will be making more...
I think I need to get the timings and order of veg into the pan right though..
the peppers were a little burnt and the tater cubes were a little undercooked...
so maybe the taters in with the onions to brown and crisp up a bit..

now.. any tips on pre-preparing 'taters for things and to stop them going brown in the fridge?
I wouldn't mind peeling a bagfull and bagging / boxing them in the fridge ready to drop in the steamer etc..
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Glad you enjoyed the frittata. Keep raw potatoes covered with cold water and they should keep a while. HTH.
definitely keep them covered with cold water, put a little saucer ontop to stop them floating up to the surface, I would only keep them like this for a short time otherwise the potato starts to go softer! or you could make a batch, parboil and let them cool then freeze them.


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I make Spanish omelettes all the time, I don't really know what the difference between them and fritattas are. But, I cut the potatoes into really thin slices (my Spanish friend told me to do this) and they go all sort of waxy and yummy in the pan and cook fairly quickly.


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thought I would wiki the difference between frittata and omelette, out of interest!

"Frittata preparation differs from omelette preparation in that the eggs are beaten to incorporate air where the eggs for omelettes usually are stirred with less air incorporated. The additional air in the frittata mixture allows for a deeper filling and a fluffier result. Ingredients to be incorporated into a fritatta are added to the pan after the egg mixture and before the egg is done in the frying pan (in a French omelette they are added before)."

So there we go!

There is a whole thing about frittatas in the film I went to see last night - Morning glory with Harrison Ford!
now I always thought it was the other way round..
the ommelet is cooked and "filled" with the ingedients as it cooks, but a frtiata you cook the stuff in the pan then stick it all together with the egg..?

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