My OH has made me want to eat.....

Had a bit of a tif with my OH, over somthing stupid, but although we have not fallen out he has pi***d me off.... so now i'm in a bad mood and feel miserable and want to eat loads of chocolate!!!! He is now out training and i have put all kids to bed and sat on my own thinking about chocolate... i keep munchining other free foods but it does not compare to lots of chocolate bars!!!
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Don't do's not worth it.
Just have some Diet Coke and sip slowly :)

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I agree Hun....dont do it, it really isnt worth it and you will only feel even more miserable when you gain weight after eating it.


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If you eat the chocolate then he's won. If you don't you have won.
Have u got any chocolate options in the house? mix one with fromage frais for a choc pudding
Big hug
sending some sunshine


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Chocolate is NOT the answer!

I had an absolutely crappy day yesterday, and it would have been so easy to turn to choccy to make me feel better...but you know what? It wouldn't have made me feel better in the long run. I would have enjoyed it for about 60 seconds and then the guilt would have kicked in - I'd have sabotaged myself, been weak, given in to cravings etc etc.

Part of SW, I think, is re-educating yourself about food and breaking the habits that helped us gain weight in the first place. If you use food as a comforter when you're stressed or upset...or happy or angry...well, that's just asking for trouble! In the longer term, it doesn't help. So try to address your anger and upset with OH by something else. Weirdly, I quite like cleaning. Anger cleaning! I put loads of effort in, vent my frustrations bashing the hell out of the cushions and vigorously vacuuming...and I feel better, and also have a cleaner house! Exercise is a good frustration-beater too.

However! If chocolate is the thing you really, really need...then have some. Just a bit. And SYN it. It's totally workable into your weekly Syn allowance. Have 10 syns worth then just knock 2 syns a day for 5 days off. Voila.


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Your OH probably had the answer for lifting mood, and keeping positive. Training. Going for a run has kept my sanity many a time. Though if he has already taken that option, and you're left with the kids, not an option for you. As a single Mum, i know that feeling. a bowl of all bran, milk and options usually does it for me.