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My secret box!


try, try & try some more!
Not what you perverts might think!! :eek:

Well i started a little secret tin of treats for when i finish diet *fingers crossed* in april!!

To date i have collected:

1. A thorntons chocolate bar with fudge bits
2. A packet of haribo starmix
3. A sherbet fountain

Not much yet... but i am collecting little treats if and when i see something i like... it's nice to have something tempting and know that you can't eat it!! I might be a sadist! :rolleyes:

Would you want a secret box!!?? :D
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I have some food that's saved over for when I finish, but I'm hoping that by the time I've come to the end of the journey, I won't want it and can have a ceremonial throwing away of it all

Deb G

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Ooh no......I already know that they are my trigger foods, so I'll be avoiding them like the plague when I'm finished. Its weird, but I'm desperately craving healthy foods (for the first time in my life), so in my 'treat box' would be:

Salad with balsamic vingear (!)
Free range egg (hard boiled)
Cashew & pistachio nuts
A quorn burger

(although they'd probably go off before I got to eating them!!!!
I wouldnt like a secret box as I plan not to eat anything at all unhealty when I come off this.... its healthy healty all the way for me ....Sorry xxxxx


Loving the Cambridge Diet
Not keeping any food items at all.

Have bought myself rewards for each stone I have lost. Jewelley/perfume/fancy body lotions.



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Brad Pitt or Orlando Bloom - even Johnny Depp - any one of those. Or Frank Lampard, David Beckham..... ahhh need I say more
I'm with you but i'd have to have David Tennant in mine!!! Mmmmmmm David Tennant (drools on floor like Homer Simpson)


try, try & try some more!
ohhh I don't think i could squeeze johnny depp in mine!! would try damn hard though!! :D


please try again
leland chapman with a bow round him? please ?


Needs a flattering photo
I've decided to treat myself with none food items as well for every miestone I reach. I want to try and stop thinking of food as treats, as I have so many stressful days at work I need a treat every day - lolI do still have a Lindt chocolate reindeer in the fridge that I will be eating when I finish though, just maybe not in one go like I would have done before christmas!!
Well im off shopping tonight and im gonna buy myself an outfit to put in my box! I will post later on what ive brought!!!!
I did also put in Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Brad Pitt and David Beckham but i would also put in Russel Brand (I know im bizzare, unsure what it is about him but mmmmmm)
Was also thinking of putting in Mr Ben, Mr Jerry and Mr Creek but they contributed to the weight gain so there just gonna have to go. Why is it we are always drawn to the bad guys eh?
I worked out I spent £150 per week :eek: on take away, wine, work lunches and dinners out....so i put that in my box for a clothes spree when I'm done :)


Addicted to Minimins!
I worked out I spent £150 per week :eek: on take away, wine, work lunches and dinners out....so i put that in my box for a clothes spree when I'm done :)

Ooooh Amanda that sounds like a fab idea!! I'd hate to think how much i used to spend on takeaways and eating out!
Step away from the treats box, chuck the 'treats' and replace them with cold hard cash, then you can treat to lovely new clothes and facials and things, you've got to tell yourself those yummies aren't treats, you'll be looking forward to nice healthy choices. Sorry to be a bore but that's cd, change your life forever not just till target hee hee, Think the box of boys sounds lovely though xx


try, try & try some more!
I hadn't really thought of the cash thing etc.. have put money aside for new wardrobe etc when i'm at goal. CAN'T WAIT! I do have quite alot of stuff i wore a few years ago that will fit when i'm at goal.. so might try and not go to nuts!!

I like the empowerment of having a treat box of foody things, knowing it's there and not eating it!! :D


try, try & try some more!
Rade - how do you bear it? You must have a willpower of steel. I wouldn't trust myself not to crack and scoff the lot. In fact, where do you live?!

:rotflmao: ummm nowhere!! *quickly hides box*

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