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My slim for life journal

Hi everyone,

I'm not as brave as you guys and I can't bring myself to write down how much I weigh but here I am, ready to write a weight loss journal. That's got to be something, right?

I have had a weight problem all my life, I'm now 23 and I've had enough. I am starting to get a bad knee and I'm worried about what problems the excess weight can be causing.

I've tried all the faddy diets and SW just seems different some how. I'm only on day 3 but I'm feeling very confident about it all. I am doing SW via BodyOptimise.com as I'm far too shy (and busy) to go to a class. I love being organised so the online food journal is fab for me.

I had a sneaky weigh in this morning after only 2 days of eating according to the EE plan and my Wii fit says I've lost 8lbs (but this is since Thurs, not Fri) and the scales say 5lb. Surely this can't be possible? So I'm not sure if I can trust them but I'm sure that I'll start to feel it soon enough!

I've just done a pretty intense 30 minute work out on my aerobic step and used a Ministry of Sound CD to work out to. I don't like this sort of music to listen to but nothing beats it for doing some exercise!

Sorry, that's far too much for my first entry. Bye for now. :)
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Keep on Truckin'
S: 86.7kg C: 77.9kg G: 64.5kg BMI: 27.7 Loss: 8.8kg(10.15%)
It's not a matter of bravery, it's all about personal choice and not everyone wants to reveal their weight or indeed how much they hope to lose. Quite frankly it's not our business to know and how much information you share is your choice! Quite a few people keep this info to themselves, so don't think you're alone in that respect!

I'm doing the BodyOptimise thing too as there are no classes here (I'm in Australia now) - but I find this website to be an absolute godsend in terms of both information and support. For every up or down we have, there has been someone here who has gone through it, and got through it!

Good luck with the plan and I hope it all goes really well for you! :D :fingerscrossed:
@OzzieMoz ~ Thank you, I'll be proud to tell people how much I DID weigh once I've lost it, lol.

I'm finding this forum and the BodyOptimise forum to be brilliant. It's amazing to see success stories that have nothing to do with SW, it makes them believable!


Day four for me today and it's been okay. My second day at work on SW and I find it's the most difficult place to "diet". I've put on so much weight since working there as food is easy to obtain and it's just become habit.

I worked 9-5 today (I do shifts, well sort of - they run 8-4, 9-5 and 10-6) and I got home and could only do 15 mins of exercise. I have really bad cramps today - typical! So I feel quite bloated too.

I had a medley of melon for breakfast this morning (Note to self, do not like gala melon). I then had a wholemeal roll (HEB) with Quorn ham, cucumber, light sunflower spread, lettuce and a tsp of Heinz salad cream. Then some cherry tomatoes on the side and 2 x Mini BabyBel (HEA).

I've also spent some syns on some Orbit gum, but it's only .5 syns for 2 pieces so I limit myself to one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

I was planning on making Quorn shepherd's pie with sweet potato mash for dinner tonight but I forgot I had my Baby Bels and would really want some grated cheese on top. So I will have to re think it.

Wii fit says I've put on 4lbs today but I'm not taking it to heart because I don't really trust it anyway, I weighed in at 8am yesterday and 5:30 today and I'm also all bloated.

The good news is that my coat fits me better today. It's nice when you can actually feel the difference.

I've ordered the curry cook book from Amazon because we just LOVE curry and usually have an Indian take away once a week. We've not had one for 2 weeks now though and we need a fix - so I hope it turns up soon!

We've agreed to have a take away curry once a month and I'm only using 10 syns a day for the rest of the month to make sure it's covered. Does that seem okay?

That's the end of my epic entry for today.

Thanks everyone :)


Trucker Extraordinaire

Glad you've decided to join the ranks of us journalling Minis - I find that just rambling and letting it all out really helps, even if it seems sometimes like no-one is listening.

Writing it down just makes it more 'real' for me, and I have found so far that the weeks I really journal and keep on top of my rambling thoughts are the weeks I do better at weigh-in. Coincidence? Maybe ;-)

Anyway, welcome.

@CyberRuby ~ Thank you, I find rambling helps with most things - hehe. I'm not even looking at the scales now until weigh in day which is Sat. I'm hoping * week will be over by then.

Day 5:
I've not done any exercise today because of the above, I'm not feeling great with it. Grrr. It's just typical! Other than that everything is fine. I stupidly skipped breakfast this morning because I wasn't hungry but ate mid morning - some mixed grapes. They were fab, much better than the muffin I would usually have eaten.

We over slept this morning so I didn't get a chance to make lunch so I went to the canteen and got a baked potato. I used 2 syns on some butter and had a salad with it - some black olives (some syns, 1.5 I think? I've added it to my BodyOptimise food diary), cherry tomatoes, plain cooked pasta, lettuce, cucumber and a mini babybel (HEA).

I used the other babybel as an afternoon snack. I was tres excited last night to discover that I could have no added sugar orange squash so I had some of that at work today - I'm not a tea and coffee drinker, I always drink hot orange squash so this is a saviour.

Dinner has just been inhaled (I was hungry!). I wanted a break from Quorn mince tonight so I made a quiche with 2 eggs and some quark, baby courgette, red and green pepper and I lined the dish with Quorn ham. I also had a baked sweet potato. Also added some chilli flakes and loads of black pepper. Completely free on EE, right?

I still have HEB to have so I might have 2 slices of nimble later when I get peckish.

I can't wait for weigh in on Sat. I am feeling so much more energetic (I do seem to have adopted a headache though... weird).

I hope you've all had a good week!!!

I forgot to add that I've saved half the quiche for lunch tomorrow :)
I made up for my lack of breakfast by having 2 slices of Hovis and 4 syns worth of strawberry jam. Delicious. SW really does make you appreciate the simple things!

I've also been looking on the ASDA site so help me next week. I've found some syn free yogurts (Muller Lights are not vegetarian so had to find something else!), I also got some Options and Skinny Cow hot chocolates. Might even mix some with some Quark at some point.
Day 6:

Although it's day 6 I didn't weigh in until Sat officially so it's not WI tomorrow - Thankfully. I'm still very bloated and uncomfortable. Good way to start my journal, right? Ha.

We just ate dinner - a tasty (and free) curry! My curries will NEVER compete with my love for a take away but we will cut down on them, that's for sure. I made it with passata, mushrooms, garam massala, red pepper, red onion and a tadge of salt.

For lunch I had left over quiche from last night - it was so nice. I couldn't believe that Quark and egg could taste so delicious.

I fancied a snack today so I was naughty and got a 4 finger kit kat and had half. That's 5.5 syns and .5 for chewing gum today - it's a habit I can't give up quite yet. I only had one piece though.

I've not managed to fit in my HEA and HEB today, I might have to get inventive later!

Oh, I did get some Activia fat free yogurts - peach flavour. I'll double check before I eat them but I think they're free.

It was a very good day today, I'm feeling very positive. I'm worried that I'm finding it too easy though. Well, got to go - I have loads of studying to do but I still have a headache... might be time for a bath.
Day 7:

Another good day. I was naughty (again) and weighed myself. I think I need to for a boost every now and then. For breakfast I had one slice of ( .5 HEB) Hovis Nimble wholemeal toast with some low fat sunflower spread and some strawberry jam and an Activia fat free peach yogurt. All good. I would have had two slices of toast but the other half nicked the other one!

At work I managed to get through all morning with no picking - which has been great this past week, picking is a thing of the past! - and for lunch I had a baked potato with a bit of butter and some sweetcorn. The salad bar at work was rubbish today!

I got loads of nice, fresh vegetables today including some butternut squash, so I'll have some fun with that. We're going out later to see OH's mum and they always try & convince us to have a take away curry... I'll have to be brave and just say no!

My "tight pair" of trousers are getting a little baggy on me which is great. And the bracelet I got for Christmas is also a little looser, so all is grand.

I treated myself to the branded free foods book and the food directory from the website and they turned up today, even more to read (my OU course isn't looking as good as my weight loss this week - I hope it doesn't have to be one or the other!) and my SW curry book turned up today too. Looks good but not loads of veggie stuff in there. I'll have to adapt the meat ones.

I hope you're all having a good week. X
Day 8 - weigh in tomorrow morning!

Hi all, I just got in from Cubs where I volunteer on a Friday night. It burns off some calories and I feel like I'm giving something back. It's freezing in there too, you burn more calories when you're cold, right?

I got through last night - curry was offered and I said that I didn't fancy it and to be honest I didn't really. I suggested that they got take away burgers and chips instead (they're all super skinny, lucky them!) and I went to the co-op on the way and got some pasta, mushrooms and a tin of tomatoes. Whilst they ate their burgers and chips I enjoyed a big bowl of herby, mushroom and tomato pasta. It was delicious!

As i'm putting clothes on this week that were getting a little snug last week they are feeling much more loose and some of them are surprisingly baggier! So exciting and a big motivator. I put a coat on this evening that is usually a struggle to do up properly and I would be able to fit a couple of jumpers on under it now! How is that possible in a week??

I've not managed to do much exercise this week at all, so I can't wait until it's not * week and I have some energy to do some - the weight will fall off, right?

For lunch today i had a baked potato (well, two because they were tiny) with some sweetcorn, and various other salad things from the salad bar. I had a fruit salad for breakfast and I'm feeling very satisfied.

I can't wait for weigh in tomorrow. I weigh ** + 6lbs so my goal is to lose the + 6lbs - it seems like a good milestone for my first week - leaves it nice and rounded for next week.

What to add? I had my highest syns day yesterday since I started - 11 syns. But some of them weren't true syns because I used less than the standard quantity, so it's not too bad.

So far today I've only had 2.5 syns - 2 for a bit of butter on my potato and .5 for my two pieces of chewing gum. I might treat myself to an Ambrosia rice pudding pot later. No idea how many are in them but i'll look it up in a min.

That's about it I think, I've probably bored your socks off.

Bye for now. x

Please feel free to write in here if anyone wants to! I feel like I'm sitting at a writing desk, writing my journal whilst looking out of the window at you all playing outside - haha. I'm such a drama Queen.

WI was this morning and I didn't meet my target - I lost 5.5lbs. I'm a little disappointed for my first week but I hope I can continue to lose because I have so much to lose. I am however happy that it does work.

Have a nice weekend all. X


Going for it.
S: 13st0lb G: 10st10lb
Hello NewSlimmerMe. 5.5lbs is a fantastic loss. Really!

Curries are definitely one of my favourite foods and I swear the weeks I have more curries (SW friendly obviously!) are the weeks I often have the best losses. I have the SW curry book and it really is fab.

I know exactly what you mean about tapping away at the keyboard while everyone else is playing outside. How we suffer for our art. :D

I just enjoy musing away. I would still do it if not even a single person read my bons mots - it's just a way of focussing and keeping on track for me. And I have made some great cyberfriends too - Ozzie and CyberRuby for starters!

I don't go to a club but I did do 3 months of Body Optimise membership thing. I didn't get much out of it apart from being able to look up syn values so I cancelled it last month and now I'm doing it entirely with the support of this forum and sheer bloody mindedness.

Good luck on your journey. A few weeks/months from now and you'll be so glad you made the decision to join SW when you did, I'm sure.

Btw I think your idea of having a once a month treat of a yummy take away is a fab idea. We all need regular treats to look forward to. Otherwise it all becomes rather pointless and dreary. In my opinion. :)
Hi Sorus!

Thank you for joining me in my journal!

They do say that chilli can speed up weight loss, so maybe that's why? How often do you have a take away, if at all?

There are some lovely people around here and writing everything down does help. When I have been doing it for a while and I'm struggling I feel that this place might just be what I need to keep me going.

I'm also paying for BodyOptimise and I'm wondering if I can carry on without paying again after the 3 months. We'll see. I like the online diary and the syns online thing.

Good luck on your journey, it looks like you're doing really well. Have a fab weekend :)
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Keep on Truckin'
S: 86.7kg C: 77.9kg G: 64.5kg BMI: 27.7 Loss: 8.8kg(10.15%)
Please feel free to write in here if anyone wants to! I feel like I'm sitting at a writing desk, writing my journal whilst looking out of the window at you all playing outside - haha. I'm such a drama Queen.
I sometimes laughed at myself wibbling on quietly to myself in my diary, especially for the first few days. It does seem a strange thing to do. I'm not entirely clear whether I'm writing to myself or writing to other people. I did realise that I find it useful, it keeps me motivated to carry on as each day I think about the SW plan and I don't want to let myself down and I want to keep up with at least some of the people that started around the same time as me! However, I've realised that we all lose our weight at different rates for various reasons. I'm a plodder, slow and steady.... just keep on keeping on!

You've got off to a tremendous start! Don't get too focussed on what you want to lose in a week - any loss is a good loss and some weeks you may even get small gains or sts - the body is mad and complex, but mainly mad! I was very down the other week because I had a couple of weeks where I sts and had a gain and I'd been good! So I ditched being so "good", relaxed a bit, ate more syns and stopped worrying and since then my weight has started coming off again. Mad I tells ya!

Anyway, there are lots of lovely people here. Read some of the other diaries, there are some really entertaining ones and some very edumikational and inspiring ones. I find it helps!

Good luck with the coming week and I'll pop in for a cuppa soon

Hey OzzieMoz, thanks for coming.

I won't be setting myself goals from this week on, I think I'm just trying to find out what kind of slimmer I am. I notice that some people need goals and incentives, some need to weigh themselves every day for motivation, etc. This seems to be the best diet I've done ever and I've been "dieting" for a long time. I've tried all sorts of things and always found that after the first day I was waiting to finish it, it was just a matter of what would break me. With this i've found that I can actually see myself eating like this for a very long time - I would also like to be comfortable for my flight to America in the summer and not feel like I'm inconveniencing someone sitting next to me by being a little snug in my seat.

Good luck with your slow and steady weight loss - I do believe that the harder you work to get it off, the longer it will stay off. You sound determined.

See you soon :)

Day 9 (yesterday)

I had a great day yesterday. We've decided to get bikes and possibly go on a biking holiday in June. Somewhere like the New Forest. I'm looking forward to that more than I thought I would!

I started the day with 2 fried eggs on two pieces of Hovis wholemeal (HEB) and a spoon of ketchup.

We then went out and had some lunch. It was my first go at eating out and I think I did alright. I went over my syns for the first time but I think it was worth it and I only had 2.5 syns the day before and since I've been on SW I've rarely exceeded 6 syns in a day.

Total syns for the day 16.5.

Lunch was - a mezze platter from one of my fav places to get lunch. When I ordered it I asked that the grilled flat breads be replaces with carrots and they were happy to do that - why it isn't already an option, I don't know! So I had carrots with chilli humous, baba ganoush, a little guacamole, raw cauliflower, cucumber ribbons, olives, feta (visually - just under 40g - HEA), boiled potatoes, sweet chilli sauce.

I had that with a glass of water and then I had a pink lemonade - I could have not had the pink lemonade though I have since decided and saved myself 6 syns.

So I need to do some kind of exercise today, might use the exercise bike. Can't wait to actually get a bike and to see some sun. Roll on spring!!!

Bye for now. I'm off to eat some grapes. X
Day 10

Today I've had:
a sandwich made with...
  • Hovis wholemeal (HEB)
  • 40g Half fat cheese (LesKol or something like that, can't remember)
  • salad cream (2 syns)
  • baby leaf salad
  • Quorn deli ham
  • a fat free yogurt
  • minestrone mug shot

I'm planning boiled potatoes, cabbage, broccoli and a Quorn peppered steak for dinner. I wonder how many syns there are in Bisto...

I just did 30 mins of step aerobics so I'm off for a shower. I really can't believe how noticeably less fat I feel.

And then later when I get the munchies I will treat myself to a mint Options.

There was supposed to be a gap up there - I didn't have a mugshot and yogurt IN my sandwich, that would be silly.
Dinner ended up changing somewhat. I made pie, chips, gravy and cabbage for the OH and for me I did roasted parsnips with paprika, corn on the cob (my weakness), cabbage, Portobello mushroom and a peppered Quorn steak. A big fat plate of my favourite things and it was very satisfying.
Day 12...

Breakfast yesterday was my strawberry onken magic porridge.
Lunch yesterday was a baked potato with chickpeas (blergh), various salad and olives - the first time since SW that I've had it without butter - woop.
Dinner was syn free spaghetti bolognese. For good measure I put broccoli in it and it was delicious.

So, on to today...

For breakfast I had an activia yogurt and some mixed melon pieces and for lunch I had a sandwich of Hovis wholemeal (HEB), LesKol half fat cheese (HEA), rocket lettuce, Quorn ham and salad cream (2 syns I think). This afternoon I had an Options hot chocolate sachet. Perfect.

I have to stop weighing myself every day. I've only lost .5 of a lb since Sat WI and that was on Sunday! It got me a little down in the dumps that I'd not lost anything in 2 days so I'm now not going to weigh myself again until Sat morn.

I was feeling quite chuffed though when i did my coat up about 30 mins ago to leave work and my coat fit me so much better than it did last week. I forget that 5.5lbs is actually almost half a stone and that's quite significant.

Today, as the sun was shining, I got off the bus one stop earlier than usual and instead of walking down the hill to get home, I walked up it. I think that will make a difference if I do that every day. After a while I might even get off another stop earlier! Who knows...

I've not decided what dinner is going to be tonight but I suspect (as I would like to also make lunch for tomorrow) that I will make a Quark flan and have half tonight & half tomorrow. Might even cook a Quorn pepper steak to go with it or a corn on the cob.

Can't be bothered to exercise tonight but I might talk myself into it by later.

Bye for now!

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