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My special glass (yes im a weirdo)


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I can only drink my shakes from this, otherwise i 'think' they taste horrible or dont work (told ya im a nut nut)

It holds the shake just right ( i only put 260mls in )and doesnt over flow :D does anyone else have little rituals on CD?

I also have to keep my bars in the fridge in MY drawer loool and my shake packs are in ONE cupboard not spread about the kitchen. Think ive got a problem :p

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Touch of the OCD's perhaps, but I think most of us have :)
Nothing wrong with that!
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Nothing wrong with that.. I bought four glasses for my shakes! and I also keep the bars in my fridge in the drawer and yes my packs are all in one cupboard!!! You just sound organised lol
Oh my word I am the same :D I have three glasses that hold my shake and ice cubes that I always use. I then have three plastic beakers and matching spoons that hold my shake if I make ice cream. My weeks shakes are kept in a dvd type box that is snaped together and if I have extra weeks (ie I buy 2/3 weeks in one go) they go in the bottom of my wardrobe. I also have to clean my blender out a certain way too....

He he strange what a eating plan does to you eh :rolleyes: :D


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Ohhh makes me feel normal now :D i also clean my blender the same way every time..and have all my blender bits together on the side arranged nicely ha ha

Laura Croft

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I buy two weeks of packs at a time and love getting them home and sorting them out for the weeks into days. Sometimes I'll swap one or two. I also have a special mug for my shakes and soups.

Only just the other day I bought some new ice cube trays just to make ice for my shakes. Having just moved into a new flatshare, the ones we had were annoying bendy plastic ones. I had to go to 5 stores to find some decent sized (ie not too big) cube trays and ended up getting some in Matalan!


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I have my shakes in some coca-cola glasses we got free at McDonalds last year - think they are on offer again, seen them on the posters obv not been anywhere near a McD drive through since Easter (yippee).

I keep my shakes is a plastic box with snap lid (bought especially) along the receipts and my measurement card. I also keep my bars separate in the fridge but in the cardboard box they come in with the lid ripped off. I too wash my blender in a certain way and have a small corner of the worktop (next to said box) where I keep my measuring jars, blender and hand whisk (for soups!)

Perhaps it is the lack of the creation of cooking for ourselves that mean we take care over the shakes and bits and pieces. I certainly don't have OCD, except when it comes to checking I have turned my straightners off (40 million times a morning).

We are funny! :D


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I have to drink my shakes hot (unless I am out and it just not possible) and I mix with about 500mls of water.
Currently online with a steaming mug of CD hot choc to escape a lager swilling, crisp munching mob (aka my dear pals!)


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i always have a specific mug for soup, and cup for shakes!
I have a tall mug for the soups as its better for mixing, and a 1lr measuring cup that just holds my shakes as i add about 900ml of water&Ice combo to my shakes else i find them too sweet!

I love my cups! They make my world go round! lol
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I always use the same Ikea wine glass for my shakes, unless I'm out & about when I make do with the CD shaker. And I keep my supplies in an vintage enamel bread bin. Well I wouldn't keep bread in it, it's far to battered & chipped to be hygienic!!!
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i used to have these silver cups that didnt get hot on the outside they were the only ones id have a brew in, they went missing though so now i just have small mugs cant have big ones the brews dont taste right.

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