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My sticks arrived


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i think the hunger lasts hunnie, im on day 11 and was so hungry yday it was untrue, and im in ketosis, i just dont think its as strong as if u wasnt in ketosis
Thanks XKimmieX thought I was doing something wrong - never has my own arm looked so appetising!! :) It is much better than day one and when I look at people like you's weight loss I am so inspired to keep on going.
I depends on the type of hunger you have, mostly the hunger you will be feeling will be for water, and drinking will satisfy it, in fact 70+% of hunger pangs are actually our body looking for water whether we are dieting or not.

Emotional hunger though ketosis wont kill and that takes will power but as you get further into the diet that will reduce to :)

Well done on getting to day 5 it really does get easier as you go along


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thanks! =]. I get most hungry at tea time, im bloody starving by then and just want food in general. i wont though lol, just have alot of water, thats where im going wrong atm, i just cant see to drink as much now =[. But im going to try lol. Trust me, the hunger pains will be worth it lol

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