1. Cahrlierogers

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    a long term goal of around 3 stone and half but i have a target to be fit and healthy i am a 19 year girl that has problem going upstairs i get out of breath. My speed of walking is slower. my joints nearly make me fall down and i feel generally rubbish.
    so my target is not weight is a tick list of feeling better
    Get rid of eczema
    make my hair folicals better
    Stop nearly falling down the stairs ( i suspect im not having enough calcium)
    dont eat past 9 o'clock
    eat more veggies and fruit
    be more adventureous
    care more about my body
    stop having a treat then eating the whole packet
    try to limit snacks
    i am a great dieter in my head i could be brilliant if only i had the willpower and enjoyed veggies and fruit
    i had another i was having problems with midnight snacking and tackled everynow and again i slip but im happier than before it was everynight so i think i may tackle it one at a time
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  3. Oh no.. careful at the stairs :eek: It's funny because taking care of my hair is something I began paying attention to as well. I kinda got lazy with it though haha.. but fyi coconut oil does wonders! Good luck with your health and fitness goals!
  4. Cahrlierogers

    Cahrlierogers Full Member

    sorry the hairfolicals is where they are ingrowing making nasty boils i am convinced they are worse because my weight they get nasty when they are rupped together and are often infected.but when i loss a couple of stone i want to go red head but not confident enough yet.
  5. ursula

    ursula Member

    A few tips with snacking, because I have the same problem haha... Especially late at night when resistance is lower. I only have snacks in the house on the day I'm allowed to eat them, I give myself I've day a week where I can have a slice of cheesecake, or whatever and that's all I buy, one slice. And my god, it's tastes good when you haven't had it in a while. I meet my calorie goals by 6 on and then just have sweetened coffee. I also out obstacles in my way to unhealthy things... My OCD comes in handy here hahaha! I tell myself, I can have something, but I have to walk to the furthest shops in my area to get whatever it is and only once a week. When you've had a week or 2 of healthy eating and exercise, and resisted bad food, at the end of the week when you sit down for a treat at the end of a healthy day you feel like you've treated yourself when you've actually still been very healthy. Also things like eczema do get better, you feel so much lighter and it's well worth the effort :D
  6. Cahrlierogers

    Cahrlierogers Full Member

    thanks may have to do that whens the best day to have it is it the day of weigh the day after or even day before cannot decide

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