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My 'to target' food diary :)


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Decided this will be last ever food diary thread and I am not gonna stop and start and mess about Im sticking with SW!!!! I have had anmazing 100% week and I am now going to go for it to target.

Tuesday 13/12/2011 Green

Breakfast: Porridge + scan bran (A+B)

Lunch: Sweet potato tagine and quinoa and cottage cheese

Dinner: Jacket potato, sweet potato tagine and quinoa ( all left overs gone now :D ) and extra light philli (A)

Snacks: choccy bar 14 syns, 2x lemsips 1

I may have one more lemsip before bed so that will make me .5 over although my consultant gives me 20 syns?? So I am not going to worry.

I shall endevour to fill this in every day :)
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Wednesday - EE

Breakfast - porridge and scan bran (A+B)

Lunch - baked beans then fruit salad

Dinner - slow cooked gammon, jacket potato and lots of veg.


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So yesterday I also used 17 syns on throat sweets but I'm thinking I feel in the mend throat wise so today have not had any sweets :)

Thursday - EE

Breakfast- porridge and scan bran (A+ B)

Lunch - scrambled egg, gammon leftovers and mushrooms and onions. With ketchup (1)

Dinner - cottage pie with extra lean mince, loaded with veg and sweetpotato and swede mash. Free gravy using oxo thickened with smash.

Snacks - banana, cherry tomato, olives (2), cheese on cottage pie tiny amount (3), ff yoghurt and mint hifi (6)

Total 12 syns :)


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Jael said:
Hey great planning and food sounds lush. You can do it!

Thank you :)


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Friday - EE

Breakfast- banana and coffee

Lunch- homemade bns and sweet potato spicy soup and 2 warburtons wholemeal bread slices toasted (b) with 4x laughing cow light triangles.

Dinner- Chilli pasta with tomato and veg sauce and left over gammon and last laughing cow stirred into the sauce plus 3 others so really creamy (3)

Snacks - olives (2) coffee with dash of skimmed milk x3 (3) pineapple and hifi bar for later on (6)

Total 14 syns :)


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Jael said:
Sounds good so far. How do you not get hungry on a banana for breakfast? I'd be starving!

Lol well I didn't want to say but I slept in rather late and that breakfast was about an hour and a half before lunch lol! Still I'm poorly ( but getting better! ) and the lie in did me good! Will post todays meals soon.


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Saturday - Green

Breakfast = fruit salad and coffee

Lunch = spicy veg soup from yesterday, 2x warburtons wholemeal bread toasted and with 5x laughing cow (A+B)

Dinner = 2x fry light eggs, baked beans, x warburtons slice (3), 2x dairylea light slices (A) followed by mint hifi bar (B)

Snacks = only had some coffees so far and the extra slice of bread (4.5)

Feeling hungry so think I will have a mug shot and if necessary will have a harvest morn cereal bar later (3) so will be a max of 7.5 syns today.

I have noticed I definately feel more hungry on green days as opposed to EE days, I guess the protein must fill you up.


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Sunday - EE

Breakfast - banana and tea

Lunch - roast bbq chicken and veg (5)

Dinner - mugshott and clementine and coffee

Snack - had a slice of date bread with 2 laughing cow on (6) and an iced latte from Aldi (5)

Know I've not eaten all that well today, no proper hex choices and 16 syns, but not feeling all that great. Hopefully it won't effect tomorrows wi :)