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My tummy is so sore :'(

:cry: I look like I`m 6 months pg as my tummy is so swollen and it really hurts and I have indigestion :cry:

I am guessing it is because I`m a big fat pig and had 2 bars yesterday and today instead of shakes :( So have no-one to blame but myself :(

I`m just in from work and going to sup some Peppermint Tea to see if it helps a little - Is Peppermint Tea ok?

I don`t know if you`re only allowed 1 bar max a day or what? I usually get like this if I eat bread but the bars are supposed to be gluten/wheat free :sigh:

Sorry for whinging when it`s self inflicted :(

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Girl on a mission
sorry to say hun it is only 1 bar aday as they contain slightly higher carb count and can knock you out of ketosis is carb sensitive:eek:


One day at a time!
That's what happens to me if I have more than 1 a day too! Sorry you are suffering;)
Thanks everyone x

I had a couple of mugs of Peppermint Tea and my evening meal (tho very late as I couldn`t face eating) and it helped settle my tummy :)

I`ve had a shake this morning for brekkie and am debating whether to have a bar today or not. I don`t want to start my tummy hurting again :(

I`m guessing I should be ok though as long as I stick to just one - Which I WILL do as I don`t want a repeat of yesterday.

I checked this morning and there was faint pink so I guess I`m still in Ketosis but mebbe it knocked me out yesterday?

Thanks again Xxx
2 bars for me was like I had swallowed a monster that was trying to get back out, not funny although I can laugh about it now. Hope ur feeling better x
I guess the moral of the story here is no more than ONE bar a day kids ;)



Gone fishing
I guess the moral of the story here is no more than ONE bar a day kids ;)

Whoops yes. Sounds like you learnt the hard way on this one.

Some of the bars have the same carbs as the shakes, some have more, but one of the big reasons for the one a day rule is cos of the chronic wind you can get with them (not carb related)

Sunshine Singer

Dropped White Sugar & Feeling Fantastic
Different for everyone I suppose, they've never effected me like that if the odd time I have 2 bars same day. (Usually only when I'm away and it's been convenient.)

Poor you tho xxx
Group hug :gen126:

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