my two dogs decided to dig up the garden! pics


I have another puppy, another Japanese Spitz, female but I just can't come up with a name for her!! I was thinking Lilly and that goes with Louis but they are getting confused so please inspire me!!
Oh God No!!:D People have asked me before is he called after Louis Walsh, that nearly made me change his name! He is called after Louis Vuitton, I have an obsession with the bags! :eek:
Lulu (Guiness)

Japanese Pet Names

AIKO: little love; beloved
AKI: born in Autumn
AKIKO: autumn child; iris
AKINA: spring flower
ANDA: meet at the field; also a Japanese surname.
ANEKO: older sister
AYAME: iris
CHIKA: near
CHIKO: a unisexual name meaning "arrow; pledge."
CHIYO: thousand years; eternal
CHO: butterfy
DAI: great
ERIKO: child with a collar
GIN: silvery
HANA: flower; blossom
HARU: born in the spring
HARUKO: spring child
HISA: long-lasting
HOSHI: star
HOSHIKO: star child
JUN'KO: meaning unknown
KAEDE: maple leaf
KAMEKO: child of the tortoise; symbol for long life
KAYA: adds a place of resting
KEI: rapture; reverence
KEIKO: adored one
KIMI: she who is without equal
KIOKO: happy child; meets the world with happiness
KITA: north
KOHANA: little flower
KOTO: harp
KUMI: braid; drawing together
KUMIKO: companion child
KUNI: meaning unknown
KURI: chestnut
KYOKO: mirror
LEIKO: arrogant
MACHIKO: fortunate child
MAEKO: honest child
MAEMI: smile of truth
MAI: brightness
MAIYA: surname meaning "rice valley
MARIKO: ball; circle
MARISE: infinite; endless
MASAKO: meaning unknown
MATSUKO: pine tree child
MICHIE: gateway; gracefully drooping flower
MICHIKO: child of beauty; the righteous way
MIDORI: green
MIKI: flower stalk
MINA: south
MITSU: surname meaning "shine; reflect."
MIYA: three arrows; temple; sacred house

Source: Japanese Pet Names - Japanese Dog Names, Japanese Cat Names, Japanese Puppy Names, Japanese Kitten Names
Thanks to everyone for your replies, I like so many of the names but I just can't seem to call her anything other than Lilly :eek: But everyone is still telling me Lilly and Louis sounds stupid :rolleyes:
ahh they are smashing! my daughter would FREAK! she desperately wanted a fluffy dog, but as we have 2 dogs, 2 guinea pigs and a pony i thought daily grooming might be a bit much! lol

Congrat's on the new addition!
My two lovely snow white doggies decided to dig up the garden in the rain, this is what arrived in the back door to me!!
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yeah right... you wouldn't part with them... anyway, what you got planned for the weekend that they can't be there for :eek: :eek: :eek: :D ;)
Aren't they cute!

At least they are not muddy from digging up the garden. My 2 Irish Setters (Phoebe and Beulagh) came in soaking wet like that this morning but their paws and noses were also covered in thick mud, UGH!! Still I still love them no matter what.
The new addition, her name is Saffy, Lilly was confusing the two of them as Louis and Lilly sound so alike!


They are so cute can i ave one!!