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My wedding challenge!!!

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by Foxy1509, 4 January 2010 Social URL.

  1. Foxy1509

    Foxy1509 Full Member

    Well fellow SWers, I'm getting married on 28 May this year. Before Xmas I'd lost 10.5 lbs, but put 2lb back on over crimble. Going to group tonight with every hope of having lost those 2lbs.

    I'm setting myself the target of losing 2 stone between now and the wedding, which I believe I should achieve as I have another 20 weigh-ins after today and before 'the big day', which equates to just under 1.5lb per week (if my somewhat antiquated maths is working!!)

    So, to start, I'm upping the body magic and taking a late lunch break to go for a 20 minute walk shortly.

    Wish me luck with the challenge (and feel free to join me if you like!)

    Foxy x
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  3. Devon Dolce

    Devon Dolce 1lb at a time!

    Foxy with that attitude you'll definitely do it! xx
  4. x.squiggy.x

    x.squiggy.x Full Member

    Hi foxy,

    Im getting married 22nd of May this year also and want to lose between 2 - 2 1/2 stone by the end of april at the latest!
    I have not even tried any dresses yet!
    Hope you get the loss you want and that the wedding plans are coming along!
    Good luck!!
  5. Sticky

    Sticky I will succeed!!!

    Hi ladies. I am a fellow bride to be (but mine is May 2011 lol).

    Your attitude is spot on honey - and with such a special day as incentive you should do well.

    However, if you have not already got a dress sorted, you might want to go for it now as they take time to get delivered.

    I got mine sorted already (I was planning on Nov this year at first so got it Nov just gone) and when I said I was planning on losing more weight she said not to worry as the fittings are up to 3 weeks before the big day (and later if needed at a cost lol).

    They allow for letting the dress out by leaving large hems inside (they are big too!) and say they can take a dress in, depending on the style, quite a bit.

    So...I say to you both to get dress sorted asap and let them work with you on the sizing. Unless of course you're not going for a traditional gown :)

    (I was told my particular dress needed at least 4 months to make on a rush order, 7 standard - but it has a funny design on it. Some take less)


    P.S Totally jealous - wish mine was this year! We will want to see pics btw ;-) xxx
  6. Fallen Angel

    Fallen Angel Starting again!!

    I'm getting married 18th June and my target went out the window as before Xmas I struggled to lose 2lbs in a month. I'd love to lose 3stone before my big day.

    I was managing to work up to 60min on the Cross Trainer a day but I've developed a problem with my knee which stops me from walking more than 0.5mile so am going to concentrate on the Wii Fit yoga etc.

    Food wise I'm going back to basics & basing all my meals around superfree fruit or veg.
  7. x.squiggy.x

    x.squiggy.x Full Member

    Thanks for the advice!!
    Im not going for a traditional dress. Im not a dressy person (jeans and fitted tops for me :flirt2:) so i think i will feel uncomfortable! i have found a lovely dress though from the littlewoods book which is ideal because i also hate clothes shopping :eek:!!
    Think i have got to be the most dis-organised person to be having a wedding! but it is only a small wedding any way thank god!
  8. Foxy1509

    Foxy1509 Full Member

    Thanks hun..... may need some moral support along the way to keep me up there though! lol
  9. Foxy1509

    Foxy1509 Full Member

    Hey hun, thank you for the words. In fact, I actually bought my dress in January - when I was looking for an outfit for my sister's wedding in June this year! It's my second wedding, so I'm not doing the whole 'big white wedding', but I am SO in love with the dress - it's more of a cocktail dress kinda thing. The irritating thing is that this time last year it fit me perfectly (well maybe few pounds off wouldn't have hurt), then H2B and I moved in together and that was it.... the pounds piled on!!!!

    And of course you'll be able to see the pics :D x
  10. Foxy1509

    Foxy1509 Full Member

    Well, despite the mobility problems, it sure as heck sounds like you've got it all sorted out! I really hope you keep at it, and reach those goals. Feel free to call on me for support at any time. x
  11. Foxy1509

    Foxy1509 Full Member

    Ditto to that one!!!

    Mine was an off the peg dress from Debenhams - the 'posh frocks' section!! lol

    I'm sure you're going to have a fab day x
  12. Devon Dolce

    Devon Dolce 1lb at a time!

    We're not getting married for a while yet (probably 2012) but my best friend (and bridesmaid!) got really excited in the sales and Monsoon had some lovely dresses! Ours will be small and abroad (Italy) and not one for big dresses - I may change my mind once I'm at target though and go the full meringue!!!! xx
  13. *Cherry On Top*

    *Cherry On Top* Full Member

    im also doing the pre wedding slim down, we're tying the knot in july, so excited!! have ordered my dress in a size 14 which fitted (but ive put on about 6 pounds since then!) , but hope to be abe to size it down to a 12 (or maybe even a ten!) fingers crossed
  14. Foxy1509

    Foxy1509 Full Member

    Good luck hunni.

    My sister lost loads of weight for her wedding last year that her seamstress eventually told her to stop losing weight as she wouldn't be able to take the dress in far enough!!! She actually had to pad out her bodice with socks in the end! lol
  15. Sticky

    Sticky I will succeed!!!

    It's lovely to see so many brides-to-be on here trying to make a positive change before their big days :D

    I was losing weight before we set a date but it's definately a good booster.

    I am so jealous you're all wedding this year! Feel free to pass any tips on - I have a tonne of info for most things bookmarked on my PC lol ;) xxx
  16. Foxy1509

    Foxy1509 Full Member

    Feeling a bit peeved that I haven't been able to do any 'real' walking this week - darned snow kept me indoors for three days!!! That said, OH and I did go out for a walk in the snow for two of the days, but they weren't exactly 'taxing' walks! Still, at least I kept moving rather than slobbing in front of the TV :D

    On another positive note though, it's definitely kept me on track as I refuse to keep snacks in the house (other than fruit), so I'm really hoping for an 'on target' weight loss on Monday (assuming weigh in isn't cancelled due to the snow!!!!)
  17. YummyMummy2B

    YummyMummy2B Silver Member

    Ooo Im getting married this year! Sept 18th, I've got a long long way to go but Im just gonna try loose as much as possible. Im going dress shopping the last weekend on April so would like to loose 2.5st by then!

    Good luck ladies - just think how great we'll all look in our dresses!
  18. Gemmy_Lou

    Gemmy_Lou Full Member

    I get married May 29th!!! I would like to lose a stone really so I am going for it now!!

    I have my dress, it is rather traditional but my bridesmaids are in black which isn't very traditional!!
  19. deadredhead

    deadredhead Full Member

    june 19th for me;-)
  20. Foxy1509

    Foxy1509 Full Member

    Woo hoo!!!! :happy036:Just been to weigh in, and I lost 2lb this week - and that's without the exercise I'd planned on. So chuffed :bunnydance:
  21. deadredhead

    deadredhead Full Member

    Go Foxy!Well done!I hope that I have a good loss tomorrow!

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