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my wedding challenge.

hey everyone long time since i posted a weight loss challenge for me but here goes.

i have changed doctors surgery recently & been so annoyed because it meant a different set of scales grrr.. the scales weighed me at 9 stone 2lbs (it was time of month) but still far from 8 & half on my last docs scales. Sooooo as im getting married in november & want to loose teeny bit more ive decided to aim for 8 stone on my new docs scales.

my bmi is currently 24 and it will be 21 when i reach target so thats healthy i know i dont need to loose but its a personal pereference espec for my wedding day i want to feel great..

i have maintained my diet/ exercise so i just need to tweek bits here and there and ill get there. 2lbs a month is my goal so very slow & healthy.

hope everyone is doing ok...? x
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no weightloss is a walk in the park & the closer you get to goal the harder lol.. crazy but we all feel that pain grrr lol.

hows you doin? x
11lb down but not officially cos i only update on a thursday, enjoying dieting (never thought i would say that lol) but i managing to vary diet well working in macdonalds its not easy but my health and the impact been overweight having on my kids makes dieting and been healthy worth more than any burger (even 1/4lber with cheese lol)
ahhh i used to work in macdonalds when i was younger free meals on shifts then discounted meals no wonder it was all i ate lol i respect you for keeping up the diet despite being arounf the food all day x
Hiya Piink,

Congrats and wishing you all the best on your wedding day :)

The last stone is a bugger .....a tip from Jillian Michaels "alter your calorie intake daily it confuses your body and raises metabolism to burn fat"

My Dr had the dial scales and when i went last time he changed to digital...anything with a battery can fluctuate to the weakness of the battery grrrr .....

You can do this Piink I have every faith in you as you have done amazing and proved to us this is possible.......

:) x
Yeah i hate when scales differ so much grrr lol nice to meet you x

I am going into this just as i did at the begining my lifestyle is already changed and i believe changing cals/exercise does work because your body starts to get used to things if say the same

Thanks for posting hope to chat more xx
Hiya Piink , nice to meet you too hun,

Yes its a lifestyle change, I think a lot of people get bogged down and depressed calling it a diet....to me diets are a quick loss regime that you eventually come off or give up on....

Although my exercise is mainly card I differ my routine otherwise i wouldn't push myself....people tend to stick to something they know they can do but your body needs pushing....a short sharp shock kicks everything into touch lol

Goodluck Piink and speak soon xx
Ello Kiira :D
I'm on Xenical now, been on it for a week, and loving every minute of it!

Congratulations and I wish you all the luck!
You're gonna look beautiful =]

mrs a

fat,frumpy,fed up
hiya - i'm sure you will lose your weight in good time for your wedding.:D

good to have you in here to keep all us newbies on track -
wow you're an inspiration managing to lose so much. :worthy::worthy::worthy:
Wow a wedding i love weddings, just wish i had lost my weight before i got married, maybe we can renew our vows!!! hmmm may see what the hubby has to say!! Anyway congratulations on your up and coming wedding, its so exciting isnt it!! I am sure you will have the last bit of that weight gone in time for your wedding!! You have done amazingly well and look stunning as it is, i hope i can do as well as you have done!! Some of the girls had said i was an inspiration, but you are the inspiration on here!!
Hey pink.!! hope your plans for the wedding are going well..i too am getting married in june 2012.. i love all the organising.!!
im sure the wedding will motivate you to lose those few pounds you wish to lose.
sadly for me xen didnt work. but im working out or walking everyday.. i stick to the rules with xen..but i wish the pounds would move a little faster.!
good luck with the wedding plans and getting rid of those last pounds..have you started dress shopping yet.?

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