My wi class a disapointment...

So second week on the diet and second class... what a disapointment.... where was the encouragement to stick to it!!!! where was the well dones!!!
Let me tell you what i am ranting about!!
After my disapointment at only loosing half a pound and finding out my friend had lost 4 1/2, despite her eating pizza and chinese ( yes i'm jelous lol)... we all sat waiting for class to start... so the usual happened, she started mentioning members of the group... i found that alot of the group was missed out , including myself.. the only people that seemed to get mentioned were those that had good losses, my tiny loss was not mentioned and any gains were not mentioned, how are we supposed to feel supported when noone knows how you have done. i was not given the opretunity to say how i had done or be encouraged from others or get any possitive feed back, it left me feeling diflated and wondering what i am paying for, i could weigh myself at home and save the money!!!!!
Has anyone else experianced this?
I thought with been a new member i would have been made to feel more welcomed and had more encouragement:mad:
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hayley morgan

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awwwwwwwwwwwwwww sorry to hear that you feel like this. first let me say well done on your loss. i would have a chat with your group leader see what she has to say for herself. the whole point of paying to go to group is that you have the support and motivation when you need it. all losses wether big or small should be rewarded otherwise whats the point. i would have felt the same as you and been really dissapointed you shouldnt have to pay for something your not getting. hopefully next time you get what you pay for.


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Wow that is disappointing. Our consultant goes around everyone !

Well done on your loss, it is not unusal to have a small loss after a big first week that averages as 3 pound a week ! And next week you may get your half stone award !!!

Well done and good luck. If things do not improve in your group I would chat to your leader (maybe the group was very busy with lots of new members) or look for a new group



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Ive recently switched groups for near enough the same problem, my group they would mention everyone but if you gained be like 'what happen!' (and not in a nice way) i joined a new one last night and it was brilliant! I have to travel a bit further but its worth it. At my old group it was like i was paying to be told off for doing badly rather than encourage to do well. Even if you followed properly but had a STS the reaction was more - well you must have done something wrong, rather than stick with it and see what happens next week. I even tried the FIT log but got confused and my C told me she doesnt deal with that and i can just have a sticker at the end of 4 weeks!!! I lost all motivation and left to go it alone. Only i didnt really succeed so i joined my new one.

Maybe this is an option for you? or maybe discuss it with your C see what she says?



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I'm not surprised you are fed up with that, did the leader miss people out last week or was this a one off.

I have just moved from a group with 10 people to a group with about 30 who stay and everyone gets talked to even if they gain, but last night we had a taster session so only the people with awards had a chat as time was precious as everyone wanted to eat lol

If this is not an unusual thing and you feel you want that vital input from the group ( i know I do) then either bring it up with the leader and ask if this is the norm or find a more supportive group.

If I wasnt getting my monies worth I would be pretty miffed to.


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I had this when I joined SW a few years ago (and subsequently put on a couple of stone) but the class I go to now is great! Talk to your C and if that doesn't work maybe consider changing group. Don't give up though! They're not all like that!


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My class is just a drop in, so after the first week where we all sat down and got a talk from the consultant, the second week was just going in getting weighed and then leaving again.
I used to go to SW classes about 4 years ago - when we all got weighed then sat down for 30 mins and eveyone got to chat - I think I will miss that! However, I am on here to use this as a 'class replacement', and I think it will work well!


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I don't think that is how the normal class is supposed to be run. Our C makes time to go through each and every one of us and even mentions the people who just came to get weighed and left. I would bring it up to your C or find another class.
Well done on your loss!


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did you show your dissapointment when you got weighed, did you come across as upset with it? that happened to me on my first weigh in and i was not mentioned in class either and later found out from the consultant that she didnt want to upset me even more by mentioning it in front of the class.
i didnt realise that i had done that when i got weighed but she was right in my case anyway.
maybe text her and tell her you felt left out and needed some help if you cant speak to her.

does this make any sense at all

Mrs V

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Firstly well done on your loss so far Hun. Secondly, did you realise that your loss this week wouldnt be as great, as your body is getting used to the 5.5lbs it lost the week before?
Thirdly...its a shame that you felt that you didnt get anything out of the class and you should have spoken up when the Consultant missed you and some of the others and aired your feelings then.
I would suggest that you contact your Consultant and speak with her before the next class as she may not be aware that members are feeling like this and will leave.


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I would ask C if not talking to everyone is normal? make sure you get put into the pile that gets talked too, there are some folks who dont like the 'clapping' thing and are happy to just listen to others, if she just doesnt talk to everyone to save time, go to a different class. Our C wants everyone to stay and talks to us all even if she runs over time, with the next class waiting at the doors to come in, if she can make time then they all can.dont loose heart, talk to us xx
I have txt her, our class is now computerised, not sure if any of yours is yet, she said she is just getting used to it and the PDA she carries around with all our info on it only brings up some peopls info, she has appolagised and siad that she will try to mention everyone and has offered to ring me weekly if i feel i need her support, so feel better now i have sorted that out.. thanks all for your support and comments x


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Glad you are feeling much happier, we had the switch over last night and she also said she has to get used to her new machine :D

good luck for next week


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Glad you addressed the issue! It does seem to be a lame excuse though blaming the computer- surely she was aware that not everyones' details came up, so what she should have done was go around everyone after the ones the computer threw up and talk to them individually! I'm glad she was remorseful and offered her support when you spoke to her, I reckon you made her feel ashamed- and good for you! Hope things improve for you and you feel you get support week after week! One of my favourite SW sayings is 'when you've had a bad week YOU need the class and when you've had a good week THE CLASS needs you!!' I think that's very true! Oh, and don't be disheartened about 1/2lb! As long as you're sticking to the plan it will pay off down the line, maybe next week! Don't forget how amazingly you did last week!X


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The computerised systen does go through everyone, I'm pretty sure it's user error on your consultants part ;)

Your participation in Image Therapy is much more important if you have had a bad week or a gain, so your consultant should be taking care to make sure you are OK, know what happened, and motivated to follow up with a great week. It's good that she's making the effort though :)


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my old group was computerised and would have at least 80 peeps and she still managed every1 sometimes she would be very quick on the ones with great weight lossess every week so she can have a wee bit more on those who need it . and if we had a gain she always started with such and such has lost 2stone in total you had a gain were can we help you . hopefully your consultants just a ninny with technology and will get it right soon .

Congrats on the weight loss so far xxxx


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I think you did very well in your first week. It is sometimes difficult to get the hang of a new diet and still make mistakes and so do not follow it properly.

Don't worry

Irene xx