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Nando's Advice please

Hi guys. :)

I joined SW last night. And am really liking the look of the plan.

I'm out all day tomorrow and quite fancy a Nando's, as I know when I was on WW it was a great meal option.

I've had a look for Nando's syns on the SW site, adn googled. But I am finding it really hard to get an answer for what I used to eat when on WW.

I'm happy to use some syns, up to 10.

When I went whilst on WW I'd have the Chicken Pitta with Pineapple (but no Mayo) and the green salad as my side.

I know pittas are quite a lot of syns, but how do I find out about the marinade they use etc.

Thanks in advance

Torsie xxxx
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wouldn't know! I'd say go for chicken with a side of spicy rice!! the marinade shouldn't carry to many syns so you should be fine! That's if you're doing extra easy! If you're doing red you'd prob have to go for chicken with salad!
That is a problem with SW. There is not much info to go on for eating out!

You could have chicken plain, without marinade and add maybe a salad (which are nice and a good size) or some spicy rice.
I cant remember the exact syns I'm afraid but I know that when I plan on going to a Nando's I have an extra easy day and have the 1/2 chicken and the sweet potato mash and a side salad .. this is more food than I ever manage to eat, but it tastes amazing and I think I totalled it at 5/6 syns, which I felt wasn't too bad.

The marinade isn't too bad, but if having a green/red day take into consideration the 'free' foods to make it easier.

And yes you are right, pittas are quite high .. therefore I find it easier to not have one even though these used to be one of my favourite foods ... I dont even miss them to be honest.


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Nando's chicken legs are 2 syns, the breast is 6 syns.

The rice I don't know about, but I would say that you could have it for free.

You could also have the nando's chicken salad and ask for dressing on the side, or the cous cous salad - but allow some syns for the cous cous as it's flavoured.

Or the chicken pitta and account 6 syns for the breast and syn your pitta bread and hold the mayo.

Hope that helps. x
So I'm hoping this might work for me:

1/2 Chicken (take of the skin and count it as my HEX-B)
Side salad with a bit of peri peri on it (1 syn)
Spicy Rice (I've had a search online and it's free on a green day)

Should I add a few more syns in case the chicken is a bit greasy or something? Am I OK to count it as my HEX-B?
If your having a green day then you should be ok to have the chicken as healthy extra B but be aware that it has the syn value even on a red day. But you do not need to account for it being greasy because they grill their chicken not fry it so you should be fine. :)

if you take the skin off its free its not in the newest book just the marinade. i have it with a mediterranean salad and count the feta as syns
Thanks everyone. I had the 1/4 chicken yesterday with the side salad and my Mum and I shared a spicy rice (she had the Med salad and counted the Feta as Hex and the olvies as 1 Syn.

I counted the marinade as 3 to be on the safe side. But only had 6 syns in total yesterday so een if it was up to 7 syns I should be ok.

Was a delicious meal, and I felt full for ages afterwards. :) I never eat chicken skin anyway so at no point did I feel I was sacrificing anything during lunch yesterday.

Yay for Nando's!!


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I'm so glad I just saw this thread because I'm new to Slimming World and ADORE Nandos!! I was also finding it hard to find info on Syn values! So the above comments have helped me so much- thanks!X


Nojo on the YoYo
There would be far far too much chicken on a half a chicken to count it as your HEXb on a green day. If you're eating out, go Extra Easy hun.

I don't think taking the skin off would make it free, I would still count the leg as 2 and the breast as 6 as it says in the Food Directory because of the marinade and oil brush when it goes on the grill.
New product at Nandos:

Went to Nandos last night and they have a few new items on the menu

The one that caught my eye was 'Macho Peas' which were peas mushed with chilli and mint. I was angelic and asked for the nutritional info and saw they had oil and butter listed as ingredients (so didn't have them), but today I got home and checked on the syn caluculator and on green/ee a regular portion is 3 syns- worth a pop I suppose!
- tbh hun, when i went, i had half a chicken.. and after i'd taken off the skin, i wouldnt say that there was too much to be a HEB, i almost wish i'd had a whole chicken.. but im a greedy cow and an EE fan.

Nandos is fab for low syn eating, chicken, spicy rice and corn on cob. Hey presto. .. once i'v taken off the skin, i'd count the whole thing as 3 at most, some of marinade may have sunk thru but theres no way of telling..

also, can someone confirm the fat free frozen yog is free? i eat absolooutly loads as its free re-fills (and the cup they give u is tiny) .. it must eb free, its fat free yoghurt? x
People like muller and shape use sweetner in theirs, but just not sure if Nandos do in their frozen ones.

I know it is fat free, but does not mean sugar free too (e.g. wine gums are fat free, but still have syns) they have a big book behind the counter with all the nutritional info in it if you feel brave enough to ask- there is nothing on there website

But- if you eat tons of it and are maintaining, so what? No-one ever got fat from eating fat free frozen yogurt did they???



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Been an SW member for 8 weeks, bought all the books and Nandos is not in any of them. Checked online on SW site and its not that much listed. Nandos is my fave and I am now put off going. Best thing I could so is make it as home with Nandos sauces from the supermarket as you can syn value these. Here are the only syn values I can find from SW site!!

Nando's Peri-Peri 1/4 Flame-Grilled Chicken Leg 1 medium

2 Syns on Extra Easy Original 2 Syns Green 10½ Syns

Nando's Peri-Peri 1/4 Flame-Grilled Chicken Breast 1 medium

6 Syns on Extra Easy Original 6 Syns Green 17 Syns

Nando's Hot Peri-Peri Marinade 1 level tbsp

½ Syn on Extra Easy Original ½ Syn Green ½ Syn

Nando's Lime & Coriander Marinade 1 level tbsp

1 Syns on Extra Easy Original 1 Syns Green 1 Syns

Hope this helps. x

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