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Nearly passed out!

It must be the day for it as I did the same this morning. I'd been up about 40 mins had been in shower etc, but then when drying my hair went very feint feeling and had to sit down. If i hadn't I would certainly have hit the deck. Keep trying to drink more water, I'm up to 1.5litres. Just had 2nd pack of the day and starting to feel a bit more normal ...


Why Be Normal?
Hi Kimmie --

I hope you're not unwell (not CD but a virus, there is so much out there right now). Feel better soon.

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Hope your feeling better soon. This has happened to me before on CD xx


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Hope you are feeling better..
:hug99: Hope ur feeling better now x

I feel a bit bleh today :( A little spaced and my head really hurts down the right hand side down to my neck, Specially if I move :sigh:

I think mine might be self inflicted though as I`ve had hardly any water today as my WI is after 9pm tonight and I usually have at least 4L :eek:

I`ll make up for it when I get home tho ;)



hoping for a good loss
I have been feeling a bit of a space cadet today too, have started shred though this morning and done a lot of walking, so is probably due to that.

Hope you feel better soon xx
I'm on day 1 too hun..after a week of ss why don't you switch to ss+ that's what I'm going to do as its much easier and nice to eat let's face it x
I'm thinking about doing ss+ every other week to make it easier to stay on the plan for as long as I need to be
seriously though my head's been hurting all day yesterday. still there a bit today.
Hi Great Things --

You are drinking your water? Could it be caffine withdrawel? have you tried a little paracetemol? If it persists you might want to go and see your GP -- just in case. I hope you feel better soon.

I feel like hell.. Im on my 3rd evening and Im bloated..nauseaous and most awful sore throat!...

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