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Need a good kicking!!!!!

Right. This is it. I am restarting tomorrow. No more arsing about, no more excuses, 7 weeks til christmas - I can do this!

I came off the diet 6 weeks ish ago to go to center parcs. tried to get back on a couple of times, but things happened, ended up getting very depressed, and just couldnt focus on the diet. Consequently I have eaten nothing but rubbish for weeks. I have put back on nearly a stone :( but really hoping that I can shift that in a couple of weeks. Then hope to get another stone at least off for christmas. I CAN do this!!!!!

I joined a gym a couple of weeks ago and have been 3 times a week so far. but no point carrying on with that if I am not going to diet as well! Am hoping by starting the gym before the diet my body will have got used to the programme by now so wont be a complete shock when I go to the gym on the diet. DOnt worry I will be careful :)

Sounds like an excuse I know, but I think that part of what has been stopping me is that I have always had my shakes as thick shakes with lots of ice - and its been really really cold the last few weeks lol! However am going to counter that and stock up on tetras for the next couple of weeks!!!!

I have been avoiding mini's a bit lately because I have been just soooo so rubbish and have been embarrassed almost to come on! bad I know and completely defies the point, but I did so well before, that when I stopped doing well I felt really embarrassed. And now you all think I am really stupid!

Anyway I am back, and I will win the battle. I have to - my gorgeous size 18 jeans are getting rather tight!!!! :(
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thats hardly a fair deal - you dont have to make any effort to get rounder in your current situation! lol
thats hardly a fair deal - you dont have to make any effort to get rounder in your current situation! lol
I'll have you know it takes a superhuman effort to retain this womanly form!! ;) :D
Right. I have reset my goals (mini-goals anyway). I have rearranged my siggy and got it ready to go. No excuses, no exceptions, NO FOOD. I did this 100% before, I can do it again. I have to - my size 18s are getting so tight :(
Hi Bish Bosh, I too decided tonight that i am going to restart tomorrow, this is 3rd time (ish). I am determined to do it this time i have been messing around too much. I got down to size 14 but now back up to size 18!! and they too are getting snug. So good luck, we can do this 7 weeks we can get a good bit of weight off which should give us a boost.

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