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Need a kick up the backside

How does one motivate themself to get back on their healthy road, i did really well last year and kept to a nice level, but since christmas its all gone down the pan and to make matters worse the holiday arrived (fully inc, ouchhh) and now im getting depressed and cant motivate miself.
I know what i have to do, just go back to basics, red & green. But actually doing it, im finding really hard. Grrrrr bloody food should be banned. I do eat pretty healthy it must be i eat too much of it lol.
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The last few weeks I was pretty unmotivated and went through stages of losing half a pound, getting frustrated and putting on the next week as a result. Sometimes you think you're eating healthy but our minds can be pretty selective about what we remember so the best thing to do is write it down. Also, today I've decide what I'm going to have my Syns and HE for and put them in a tupperware box so it's already counted and weighed so when I'm hungry I wont have that extra one that I 'forget' to count.

All you have to do is get through the first week, once you have your first loss I think people get such a buzz that it pushes them through the rest of the weeks :)


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Whenever I have an 'off period' it can be so hard to get back on track.

The first thing I do is stop and think about why I'm doing SW in the first place and why I want to lose weight. I look at my before photos and concentrate on how far I've come and how silly it would be to ruin all my hard work. Then go for a good SW friendly food shop - the earlier the better so there's no excuse not to get started. I come on Minimins for some inspiration and look through my old SW mags to fire me up.

The key is to get motivated and excited about SW again, and consider why you want to lose weight in the first place. Good luck xxx
A "superfree" challenge at group got me and OH back on track. 10 superfree a day, at least 50% veg, all written down and given in to C at the end of the week. It needs some planning e.g. a banana would be 1, a handful of lettuce etc but I found that I was basing my meals around the superfree rather than adding it on the end. Difficult, but worth it. I lost 3.5, OH lost 4.5 and got 1/2 pound off his target. We've both been faffing since Xmas but feel refocused now. Like xxmooxx said, it can just take that one week to get the motivation back.
Loads of luck x


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i know how u feel with the all inclusive, 10 days and me and bf gained a stone each!!!!, why dont u find urself a weigh in buddy???
i know how u feel with the all inclusive, 10 days and me and bf gained a stone each!!!!, why dont u find urself a weigh in buddy???
Im having to kick myself in the backside everyday at the mo to stay on track.....were off all inclusive for 3 weeks at xmas and Im going to be charged excess baggage coming back for my weight gain that im expecting lol:rolleyes: :sigh:


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I think we all have times where we've fallen off this or that diet (even when we were doing really well) and then we struggle to get back on track. I think your head needs to be in the right place no matter what diet you're doing & if its not in the right place, maybe you need to examine why.
Have you tried making smaller changes first? Upping your fruit, veg and water intake, sticking to plan but with more Healthy extras & more syns and then gradually getting yourself back on it?
Good luck hun. xxx

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