need a kick up the backside !!


New Member
right im not new to mm but cannot for the life of me remember my log in !!! with that in mind im clearly not new to dieting !! I really need so torn between SW and WW at the swaying twds ww i think as i suppose i can have the healthy days which are pretty much the same as SW???? Ive got so fat its depressing ..i feel lethargic all the time....i hate the way i look and my little girl (7) referred to me as her BFF ...but not her best friend forever i hasten to add .... a big fat fatty !!!! Well thats it the last straw!Im on holiday at the minute but need to get my head in gear for when im home. I dont really want to go to a class ...I have all the stuff from the last 10 years ....but feel this site may give me the motivation and the kick up the rear end that i need ........ so please help me xx x x
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