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Need a kick up the bum! (& SW online Q)

Hi I'm Katy and I am a serial yo-you dieter :eek:

Lost 3.5 stones with WW then stopped after advice from a dr and gained 2.5 stones back on:cry:I then joined SW, loved the diet but hated the 'leader' and her methods and attitude so stopped going (poor excuse I know) and have decided I need to do something about all this excess me!

I have joined SW online and was wondering if anyone else is just doing it online? If so how are you getting on?

I just need a little encouragement which is why I'm here

Nice to meet you all by the way!
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Hi KT just started myself on the scarsdale diet first week done ,one week to go . It sounds like you have cracked it before , I just hope i can do it , I have taken up walking and jogging to try and speed things up. good luck
Hi Katy... Good to see you.

I'm Judith and I am just returning to SW seriously. Recently I was a member of on~line but found the lack of support.... and motivation.... didn't do it for me. So I am doing it from home now.

Be good to get to know you ~ I see we have about the same amount of weight we want to lose. If I can help in any way .... just holler.

A few yars back I lost over 5 stone on SW, green days.... so I know it can be done.

Sweet dreams

Judith & Pickle the wonder dog
Thanks for your replies :)

And Judith that's very kind of you thanks :D same goes to you! Hopefully we can motivate each other!

Katy (and Buddy the not so wonder dog ;) )
I call Pickle a wonder dog as the more I know about her the more I wonder *grin*

Scritches to Buddy! Dreams of bones and syn free delights to you both. I know you can so do this slimming world lark *grin*

Judith & Pickle
Hello, I can join you with the serial yoyo title!

I am also a member online. I find the online food diary invaluable and the recipe section is great. With regards to inspiration, I come here for that! I had been doing well until last week when I was ill and managed to gain... Onwards and upwards though!
I'm doing it online! I started at a group but didnt like the C etc so moved to another but it was a bit inconvenient to get to so I went online. I think it's bit of a rip off for what you get but hey, Im still losing so its working :) 5st 2lb so far. I think *this place* is whats keeping me going tbh! Welcome and good luck! x :)
Thanks lovelies for your replies, I kept talking myself out of joining online but have taken the plunge finally (I really NEED to do something permanent about shrinking myself!).

I did wonder about the cost too, it seems very pricey for what you get (although way more convenient- no more 'I work shifts' excuses eh?)
It is expensive I agree. I wish I could go to a class! I thought about visiting one when I'm in the uk but then would be even more fed up about there not being one here. Maybe I should lose all the weight and then start one here?! Thing is, it's a small British/English speaking community so just don't think it would be popular. Anyway, getting back to online - make sure you use the recipes and food diary and at least make the most of it. Good luck x

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