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need a lil help guys/gals ?

hey all im new here as some of u might know, posted a bit the other day and i thought id check in again today and have a lil read.

im having a lil trouble and wanted to know wat u all thought...........

my prob is well i cant stop getting on the scales, brought some really super ones the other day since having them ive weighed myself about 5 times a day i cant help it, i know that my weight will b different at different times of the day but i just cant help it then i get sad wen there is a pound or 2 over wat i last weighed !

also i feel like im startin to slack a bit, yesterday and today ive eaten veg for dinner, all veg, today had a lil cheese now i feel mega bad for eatin it!

ive had porridge for breakfast most days and veg for dinner, thats it no snacks no lucnh as the 3 meals a day is gettin to me i just cant do it.

is this normal to feel like im not loosing enough quick enough? i just kinda expect to get on and hav lost loads even tho i know that wont happen i still keep wishin every time i stand on em !
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Right then missy....here's some straight talkin!...take the batteries out the scales and stick em in the loft!!!

Seriously, you need to stop weighing because it can fluctuate so much in the course of a day/week, and if you dont see a reward on the scales it may demoralise you...you end up thinkin 'whats the point'....sod it i'll have a choc bar....and we are back to square one!

So, lecture over (sorry). Wheres Kae when you need her....she's a serial weigher and may help you more??!
lol thanks hun i dont mind being told straight, im a straight talker myself, its like im great at givin advice for others but crap at taking it myself ! i no i should stop weighing!

is it normal to feel this way and keep weighing
Skegirl just gave the edited version of what i was trying to say! I always go round the houses lol!

I cant really empathise with the serial weighing....u need to speak to katie, im sure she be about later! Very occasionally i will hop on boots scales if i happen to be in town on a monday coz i get weighed on mon night and sometimes need to reassure myself ive done ok. Have to say...that if it doesnt go my way...i eat rubbish the rest of the day until my 'proper' weighin, hence what i meant about becoming demoralised.

Ive waffled again!!! lol! (get them scales in the loft). Decide on a day and stick to it! x
i just like to keep checking them but ur right it makes u feel low if it doesnt say wat u want it too, which 9 times out of 10 it dont lol, i lost loads at beginning and last few days ive been bout the same and now im gutted its not going quicker, silly really as i know it takes time


gunna be a fatty for ever
hello serial weigher ... i mean katie here!:D:D

I am just about managing my addiction at the mo and the only way i am doing it is by taking the batteries out of them1 I must admit i do sneak them in every now and then but mainly b4 i go to weigh in at my RC class!

Its terribly demotivating! For instance today i hopped onto my scales just before i went to my class cos they said id put on 3lbs! And i was bricking it i almost didnt go! but when i got there her super sonic digital scales said that id sts!

what im tryin to say is alot of home scales are not very accurate! I have weight watchers ones they measure everything under the sun and they r still innacurate!

try stickin to once a week! it will only get you down.

also while im in lecture mode! you only eat veg for lunch?:eek::eek::eek::eek: r u crazy???? hehehe you need to be eating all the things in different food groups to make sure u r having a balanced diet or it will not be healthy! also if u dont eat enough cals your body will go to starvation mode and grab on to every single calorie/pound and it will be difficult to loose weight long term!

sorry to bang on:D:D

ps stop weighing!
no its fine hun and hi and thanks, i need some1 to bang on dont feel bad lol, i havent got a clue wat im doing with this weight loss thing,
im tryin to loose it quick ive dieted b4 but never properly stuck to it!

this time im really tryin but too scared of eatin anythin that will make me put on, i love carbs usually, pasta and bread and things, ive avoided bread totally since startin xenical and pasta too, startin to miss it today, ive eaten just veg or salads and things and fruit, porridge for breakfast apart from one day wen i had fruit and fibre ,

im want to loose it quick and im doing well with the no treats no chocolate or sweets part but im strugglin with my 3 meals as i can only manage 2 a day and im runnin out of things to make for dinner


gunna be a fatty for ever
well you can have anything thats under 5g of fat per 100g! even pasta the only thing you need to watch as well is your protion sizes. Have you tired going on a calorie counting website like www.myfitnesspal.co.uk it can work out how many cals your body can have as well as adding everything you eat up. its really good i used it when i was calorie counting!

While u r ok havi ng fruit an veg at the min its not sustainable long term and after you have had a good month or so loosing weight you will hit a plateau as you wont have any thing you can drop down to inorder to keep loosing!

I have 1853 cals and i thought it was alot abut my RC francisee says that when i get into the next stone bracket i can lower it and still loose weight. Do u get what i am saying?

love katie
thanks il check out that site, im tryin to calorie count but i have trouble with working out the fat content in meals which doesnt help, i think i need to read up on it a bit how to work it all out, i mean wen i make a home cooked meal from scratch i find it hard to work it all out,

i hav just took the batteries out the scales and chucked em down cellar so i wont b going down there in a hurry, its the only place i know i wont go to get em lol


gunna be a fatty for ever
its a fab site ! works out the fat content protein the lot! its fab1 i had a problem working out raw foods like spuds and chicken. this tells you all the fat cal etc content

Yay well done!!

I know where you are coming from with the low carbs giving better losses, and there are times i follow the low carb with sw red days, but what i would say is that if you are craving pasta or whatever, the have it, your losses may be marginally slower, but its better than falling off the wagon totally through deprivation!
thanks girlies yeah i think ur right, i just need to not have the huge bowl with loads of cheese at like 9 at night cos thats wat i often do, i miss meals all day then eat pasta b4 bed, a huge no no!

ive eaten potatoes and things with r carbs but i dont get the urge to eat loads but pasta i just love! im a sucker for pasta lol

ive totally stopped drinking coke too as i was a huge coke lover and i mean seriously huge! i miss it a bit but not as much as i thought i would , i used to get thro the day on coke and hav lunch and then dinner really late and snack between if i felt like it, but ive stopped the snacks totally, just doing the 2 meals tho but changed it to breakfast and dinner b4 6, i dont eat anythin after 6


gunna be a fatty for ever
your welcome hun!

if u need anything else just ask!

love katie


gunna be a fatty for ever
yeay! its showing! well done you hahah


Xmas goal, here I come!
lol thanks hun i dont mind being told straight, im a straight talker myself, its like im great at givin advice for others but crap at taking it myself ! i no i should stop weighing!

is it normal to feel this way and keep weighing
Sure it is, lots of people go through it. Don't worry. Just have someone hide your scale and ask them to only give it to you once a week.
Hope this helps, good luck.

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