Need a low-syn (but yummy!!) pudding recipe for dinner party tonight - help!!!!!


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A friend of mine has invited a group of us round for tea at her house tonight which is very lovely and I have been put in charge of bringing pudding! Eek!

I want to make/take something nice that’s not too syn-ful (rather selfishly so that I can have a bit too!) but not totally syn-free either (I can’t imagine Muller light and a satsuma would go down too well!)

I’m just looking for a bit of advice really? I was thinking maybe about making pancakes? And maybe grabbing a tub of ice cream for my friends and some natural yoghurt for me??? Are pancakes super syn-full? I would love to make something fancier but I only found out about this this morning and I will be heading round straight from work as I travel so far I’ll have no time at home you see so will just grab something from the supermarket en route! I think to make things easier I would just buy one of the ready made pancake mixes as we’re not eating at my house and I don’t really want to take over my friends kitchen… I expect she thinks I will probably turn up with a cheesecake or something (like a normal person lol….!) that just needs a set of spoons so it mustn’t be anything too faffy!

But still nice!

Argh I am waffling…..(ooh..waffles!) :)

Does anyone have any ideas?? As much as pancakes could work I am sure there are probably some much better options that I just aren’t thinking of..and this is where you lovely people come in..!! :) thank you in advance, I would really appreciate any help at all!!! X x x
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Only just seen this (so I don't know if it's too late!!). Meringue nests, fresh fruit, a couple of the Hartleys sugar free jelly pots, light squirty cream. Chop up the fruit and the jelly (into small cubes). Rough crush the merigue nests and mix everything together with the squirty cream. Quick homestyle Eton Mess. Meringues are fairly low in syns (varies depending on size), fresh fruit would be superfree, sugar free jellys are (I think) 1/2 syn per pot, 12.5g of Anchor squirty cream is 2 syns (1 syn if you get the Light version)