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need advice!

hi everyone i have been dieting for about 15 years now on and off and am sick of it. The last diet i went on was cambridge again it worked ok i lost 4 stone, but then i went on holiday and put on about 2 stone. Am just so fed up with diets they are a waste of money. Am thinking of a gastric band but my other half says i can do it without that, and yes i can but its keeping it off. Am just so upset :cry:with it all, is anyone out there thats going to have it or have had the gastric band is it any good?
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Hello bubblegirl, i had to reply to your post because i am in a very similar position to you! I started out weighing 257lbs - i had aboslutely no idea the weight had crept on and was so upset when i found out...but that spurred me on. I went and joined Weight Watchers and to date i've lost a stone and a half!! It's just fantastic.

The best advice i can give you is to look for a long term plan and something which you can easily stick to, for example plans like WW and SW which allow for a variety of foods and the ocassional treats!
I know that i have found it easier sticking to a plan which allows me to have a variety of foods as i don't feel deprived at all!

I looked at having a GB and even went to see the consultant, had my pre-op bloods taken ect ect, and then decided i wanted to do it myself, and i'm sooo glad i did!!

You can do it - you've done it before (4 stone is amazing btw!) but perhaps you need to look at a plan which gives you more flexibility!! :)

Good Luck!!
i feel your pain!!!

gastric bands are good, yes, but i can also tell you most surgeons like to see that you have lost weight independantly and made efforts to change lifestyle prior to surgery.
I have to go for breast reduction surgery next year and even though ( 34GG even post weight loss)ive been a nurse for 20years when the surgeon laid out the post op complications it scared the hell out of me.
Ive been dieting since i was 21. Last year i got down to 10 stone for my sisters wedding. since then ive put over 2 stone on again. I loved the cambridge diet but you do put the weight on again.
SO much of my weight issues are emotional and stress related, and last night my insensitive d*** of a boyfriend decided to tell me how fat i was getting.
Of course it doesnt help that he is stick thin and eats nothing but **** which he stockpiles in the house. I went to bed resenting and hating him. Woke up angry. Angry at mainly myself for letting it go again. Im trying Pig to Twig. just finished the introduction and it really struck a cord.
Get angry and stay focused. i know i eat to feel better when down. but all i end up doing is feeling miserable.
So yes gastric bending works but the entire lifestyle and mind set needs to change too.
stay in touch xx


Green tea advocate!!
last night my insensitive d*** of a boyfriend decided to tell me how fat i was getting
Oh my god - i hope you told him to go f*** himself :mad: I used to be with someone who said that to me all the time - i can understand why you get angry - nobody deserves that.

I agree with you on the Gastric band thingie, thats what they did with me - they make you diet first anyway!

Don't worry about your op either - i'm sure you'll be just fine! :)
There's a very small percentage of serious danger with a gastric band, but that serious danger equals death, so I've decided to avoid that.

Staying fat also equals death, so I've decided to avoid that too.

The "diet" mentality also leads to low self confidence and a failure overall to lose weight, so I'm avoiding that.

I've simply decided to stop eating so much. I've cut out chocolate, junk food, fizzy drinks, unhealthy restaurants, and anything that just won't help me lose weight.

Eating around 1,200 calories a day has become surprisingly easy after just a few weeks. I'm not feeling miserable about "missing out" on anything. I can look at cakes and not feel even a stirring of cakey lust, and if I do I can look at the label and go "400 calories? Sod off!" :D

Too often people focus on what a diet takes away from them - pizza, chocolate, cake, chicken korma, whatever - and not on what it gives them. So here's a handy list of what losing weight will give you:
1: Freedom from shopping at Evans! What IS it with their expensive, frumpy tat?!
2: Confidence! The feeling of peace that comes from not being under the control of your hunger gives you so much confidence!
3: Confidence! Yes, more confidence! No more having to apologise for crushing people as you squeeze past in small shops! No more being unable to shop for clothes like a normal person! No more spilling onto your neighbour's seat on buses, trains or planes! No more having to wear what Evans sell as opposed to what you want to wear!
4: Health! Fight off colds with but a couple of days' runny nose! Shop until you drop now takes eight hours instead of two! A couple of flights of stairs is no longer a horrific trial!
5: Happiness! Dieting makes people unhappy. Being overweight makes people unhappy. So be happy! Lose weight!
6: Empowerment! You are in control of your body, not the other way around. Don't let it rule you any more! Go on, give it what for!

It's a short list. But there's a whole industry making billions of pounds trying to fulfil it. And you can do it all by yourself. You can, you really can.

Don't worry about 15 years of dieting. Throw it away. You don't need all that stress and worry and self-loathing. It's a cliche, but the rest of your life really does start today. So make today really great.

When tomorrow becomes today, make it really great.

And the day after... make it really great! :D

One day at a time. That's all it takes!

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