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Discussion in 'Lipotrim Forum' started by nina, 22 August 2008 Social URL.

  1. nina

    nina Silver Member

    question: from a former CDer

    how/where do i get a supply of these? how much is it? how does it compare to CD?

    can i do it while breastfeeding (and adding extra proteins?)

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  3. fragglerock64

    fragglerock64 Silver Member

    Lipotrim is available from Doctor/Pharmacy on the Medical form I had to fill in it asked if I was breast feeding, so probably not, check out the website or speak to Dr pharmacist
  4. missyd

    missyd Gold Member

    it does seem to vary in price wherever you are its usually around £36 a week for a woman and you do need to see a pharmacist or doctor so they will be able to advise you about the breast feeding
  5. Cathy

    Cathy Silver Member

    It's £36 from chemists (some GPs do it for about £24)
    As a nurse and a former Midwife, I very much doubt they will supply you with LT if you say you're breastfeeding. It takes a lot of calories from your body, and you need a good mixed diet to produce good quality milk.
    (this is just my opinion, please check with the Doctor or Pharmacist)
    Good luck Hunni. xx
  6. rainbow brite

    rainbow brite ~Starsprinkled~

  7. nina

    nina Silver Member

    Thank you!

    Thank you everyone for your advice and pointing me in the right direction!

    just another question:

    is it true that GPs can give this on prescription -- which would qualify for free prescriptions on the NHS?

    thank you again!
  8. rainbow brite

    rainbow brite ~Starsprinkled~

    I think if you get it on prescription you still have to pay £20ish for it but it's still better than £30+

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