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Need encouragement - millionth time!

Hi :)

I am joining slimming world this evening for I think the millionth time ever! I am always on and off losing a little bit and then putting it back on, but I have left it to long now when I was younger I was about 13 stone and I lost 3 stone to get me down to 10 stone, which I wasn't happy with at the time which is stupid because looking back on it, it was an amazing weight! I have let myself go big time and I have gone up to about 14 and a half stone! I am really determined to lose the weight this time and actually make this a lifestyle instead of just a week off week on diet!

I know this will take time to get back down to 10 stone, but I really need to try I have my 21st in July and a holiday booked with my boyfriend in September! I am joining a gym when I next get paid and really need help with encouragement and things to cook and eat!

I have started really today!

Strawberries, grapes, blueberries, blackberries and a banana
2 alpen light bars (HeX B I think! Will look in the book when I receive it tonight)

Water and a green tea

Salad containing - Roast chicken (not cooked in anything), brocolli, beetroot, tomatoes, red onion, chilli, deli leaves and balsamic vineger.
This is from Chop'd which is fab, great salads for when your not prepared!

Let me know any top tips that I might need! I go out to eat a lot and do not want to stop that really, I feel unsociable.
Also I am on the contraception injection and I feel this has let me gain even more weight, does anyone have the same problem?

S x
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Went back to Slimming World last night and weighed at 14 stone 11 pounds :cry: worst feeling I have possibly felt! But I am determined to do this!

Food diary for today:
2 Weetabix (HeX B)
250ml semi-skimmed milk (HeX A)
with banana, raspberries, mandarin, apple


Jacket Potatoe with beans, lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers

Cucumber, tomatoes, peppers, carrots, passion fruit

Salmon, new potatoes cooked in fry light and herbs with peas, brocolli and carrots!!

I can't think of any syns to have! I know if I have chocolate I will indulge!!!!

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