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Need Help Please

Hi Guys- this is my first message on this site, but I really wanted to write where people were experiencing the same as me. Nobody I talk to can understand what I am going through, and to be honest who can blame them! :cry:

I have lost 3 stones on CD, and I felt great- but then one day I had a massive binge about 2 weeks ago, and it has continued everyday since. I have put on about 9lbs already. I eat uncontrollably now. I am so scared that I am going to put all the weight back on, but I feel as though I have no control anymore.

How have people started again? I don't want to be another failure story, because I love my new body! What keeps people going?

I dont want to e fat but I feel as though I am doing this to myself!:break_diet:

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Hi Sunny
Big hug first of all. I can't claim to know exactly how you are feeling but have come close.!

First of all well done on sticking with the diet enough to be able to lose 3 stone. So you must have done that right!
Also lots ofpeople fall off teh wagon for holidays sickness etc. No big deal. You know the diet works , you know you can be in control.
I had 3 wobbly weeks after coming back off my hols and just couldn't get my head back round to the idea of the diet.
I had got so used to eating when I wanted etc.

Forget about the past couple of weeks starting each day as anew day. If needs be have a shelf in the fridge etc - which can only have the food you will eat the next day. Tell yourself thats all you will eat. Or buy a little notebook and start the first page as a fresh start. Write in it what you will have at what time and what amount of water you will have. Then tick off as you succeed with each part. You have done it before and can do it again. start back with the water as soon as you can. That on its own will limit the damage you can do and suppress your appetite.
Think tomorrow is a new day.
Please don't feel you are on your own. Keep us posted and go for it! Think about all the gorgeous summer stuff you will be able to wear and everyone's amazed faces at Christmas when the slimmer you breezes into the room!

Good luck and another hug
Thank you for your positive thoughts! Tomorrow I will start trying again! It is a new day! I just need to put on my new head! I am worried it will pile on again! I just need to focus! I think! Any tips to keeping motivated?


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Hey Sunny, hows your day going so far? I did the same as you, lost 2st 7lb then was ill and basically started eating crap again, everyday and have put 9lb back on. What did it for me was when I went out shopping in Edinburgh and all day I felt uncomfortable because my size 12 trousers felt extremely tight! Felt fat again and it really scares me the thought of being the size I was as I was miserable. This week has been a struggle but i know if I just manage to get my head in the right place and stay away from the kitchen as much as poss, mainly in the evening, then I will be fine. Set myself a new target than before, 7lb less so now have 17lb to go.

We can do it! You know you can you did it before :)
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Hi Sunny, how was your first day back at doing CD? Like the others have said we all fall off the wagon at some point and thats in te past. Try and take it one day at a time and drink plenty of water. Good luck with your weightloss x
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I had a binge yesterday too. Not going to give up though. We can do this.


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Just take it hour by hour, day by day and get drinking water to help the hunger pangs.. stick a thin picture or a picture of something you want to buy when you get thin on the fridge.. or worse still a horrible picture of yourself.....