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Need help..

I cant believe i am acyually writting this, i am only on m second day but things havent seemed to have gone to plan. I havent cheated or anything but i am struggling to not. My husband who is also doing the diet (started sunday) was rushed into hospital this morning with a temp of 40.8 degrees. So his diet obviously has gone out of the window for the time being.

My problem is I am really stressed with running back and forth to the hosp and looking after my 8 month old son. I have been awake since 1am with DH andat this moment in time am struggling to not go and buy a chocolate bar...I know it is a case of breaking habits but i feel like i am gonna burst into tears and i would normally do this when i feel so down, any help or ideas would be much appreciated.

Toni x
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Hi Toni,

You poor thing, I can only imagine how hard this must be for you right now. I hope your husband is ok.

It is hard to give you advise. What I would like to say is imagine if you get through this without food how good you will feel about yourself. Maybe you should just have that cry and get rid of the frustration.

Ultimately what you do is entirely up to you. I hope things return to normal for you soon.

If you're anything like me Toni, you'll find that after you've eaten the chocolate all the feelings you felt (that you're trying to muffle by eating) are still there and now you feel worse because you feel guilty for eating chocolate too. It's not to underestimate how hard it is though. I hope your husband is okay and I hope you got though this - either way it's a learning point for you which will help you understand your eating patterns in the future. Take care.


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Toni, you are having a really awful time aren't you, just being on Lighterlife Programme needs all your committment but having a sick husband and a small baby to look after too makes it so difficult. It is very hard to know how to advise you, because if you are upset and stressed you always feel that chocolate or eating something you love will help, but it doesnt. It is a pity you have only just started Lighterlife because you havent had any counselling yet, which would help you to make the right decisions about eating when feeling stressed, vulnerable or just down, the coping stratagies really help. I would take it moment by moment, if you can get through each day staying abstinent you will realise that you dont need to eat to get through this bad time. Soon your husband will be well and home again and things will be back to normal and then you will be so proud that you managed to stick to the plan and that you are loosing weight. Lots of things will happen to you over the next 14 weeks when you feel you would like to have a right good binge, but if you can learn to cope with that and not give in, you will achieve the goals and dreams of being thin that you had when you started Lighterlife. Talk to your Counsellor I am sure she will be able to give you some advice that will help you get over this temptation.

I am actually struggling at the moment in maintenance, I had 42 weeks of abstinence and now that I am eating again I have to take it moment by moment too and use all the cognitive behavioural therapy that we learnt, because in the background is the memory of how I used to binge and overeat, that is how I ended up 12 stone heavier than I am now. Lighterlife will change your life and make you feel like a new person, please try to keep going, but whatever you decide it will be right for you and your family, take care and I hope your husband will be well soon. (Sorry to waffle on, I get a bit carried away sometimes!!) xxxx

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Hi :) <hugs> I hope that things are brighter for you today?

I can only echo the excellant advise you have already received from the others. Its very tough for you being challenged this early in the game.

One of the things I have learned, lol through life AND through LL, is that for every pile of **** you encounter, there is bound to be another one just around the corner. And thats pretty much true. So while its early in the game, this is just the kind of challenge we are learning to cope with without turning to food. ANd if it's any glimmer of light for you - it does get easier.

I do hope you are all doing better today, and suggest you come here when you have wobbly moments like you have.....if no ones around, just having a read of previous posts can be good for the soul and help keep you on track.

Lots and lots of luck that your situation improves, and that you are feeling strong. :)


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