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Need my mojo back :(


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I have been doing SW for a long time on and off. Joined again in Nov and was doing well until xmas hit. Since then not been able to get back into it 100%.
I have been doing xtra easy but think I may have to go back to green as I struggle with only 1 hex a and b. I get stupid things in my head tho such as I shudn't be eating so many carbs in a day or I shudn't be having chocolate everyday even if I have syns for it. My hubby doesn't help either as he says I shouldn't have any chocolate at all! I know I need to trust the plan as it works just don't know whats stopping me :( tips or advice welcome x
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Top tip - IGNORE EVERYONE ELSE AND LISTEN TO YOURSELF. YOU have done really well so far. YOU know that the plan works. Go and check out some Green Day food diaries and reassure yourself what to eat.

I LOVE how everyone who isn't a SW consultant and has never done the plan themselves suddenly knows more than a trained, experienced consultant!!! As soon as anyone mentions that they are on SW, everyone you meet is an expert!!!!

If your hubby doesn't think that you should be having chocolate - offer to go through ALL the books with him, so that he has a fuller understanding of the plan - you'll be amazed at how quickly he'll stop 'helping' by saying that!!!

Having done the plan for the last 3+ years, lost 6 1/2 stone and been at target for (nearly) 1 year, can I just tell you that I've used my syns on chocolate EVERYDAY! (My husband knows not to come between a girl and her chocolate fix!!!)


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I also have chocolate most days and have lost just over 2 stone and been at target for over a year.

I'm lucky that my boyfriend is great with the plan, he seems to understand it and would never tell me I could or couldn't have something as he knows that I know the plan. You know the plan and you've lost weight on it before, so trust it, ignore what everyone else says you can or can't have and just have what you know you can have.

Good luck.


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I like the idea or making your 'helpful' hubby revise the books!

My bf doesn't know the plan but tbh he does check if I'm 'allowed' things most of the time but he sometimes gets confused as to why one day I can have uncle bens express rice but why it's so high syn on a red day lol.

He is getting better though so hopefully so will your hubby as you go along!