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Need some advice

Right ok as you all know i have been having trouble finding a CDC now hopefully i have found one in dundee which i can access easily!!

but this would mean starting just before xmas nowwwwww.... is this a good idea as with xmas coming up and everything that will be going on!! food etc passed about... I really want to start ASAP but I need to know what ppl normally do over xmas!!
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please try again
hun there will always be some event coming up that you think maybe ill wait till after
youve still got the best part of 2 months to go till christmas, thats 2 stone you could get rid of

i dont have a social life so partys arnt a problem for me thou some go and just stick to the water and still have a great time

last christmas i ss'ed and it didnt bother me ( was just me and my wee girl, she had a blended dinner, i wasnt tempted to try it, lol

this year i will have an add a meal type dinner, turkey and sprouts kind of thing
Thats very very true!! on LL i was ok with just a savoury drink at BBQ's etc! but xmas is just sucha big affair
My CDC has said that if I do it up until Christmas and then have a week off if it is that important to me then that'll be fine. She was the one who reminded me that life is for living! And I guess there will always be an event. Even at christmas I guess we can still make sensible choices, not ramming potatoes down our neck like they're going out of fashion!!! (Maybe that's just me then!! :whoopass: ) Either way, I decided to start at the end of last week because for me half of the battle is getting the right attitude to start and once I get it I need to seize the moment!

Let us know what you decide! x
Thanks Kerry!!! I am going to start as soon as I find a CDC that is accessible for me, im not having much luck lately with finding a councillor :( :( I just want to get it done and started with get the first 3 days out the way until i hit ketosis, as when i was on LL i was a nightmare the first 3 days i was a right grumpy cow lol snappy at anything and everyone but then i hit ketosis and i know it sounds wrong but i found it a doddle, i found the shakes really difficult to drink until i got a smoothie maker! but then it was plain sailing, i just hope that CD will have the same effect on me as i know if i really really really struggle it will be difficult for me to keep at it!! but i have been told that the bars are a lot better and the tetras are so much more useful for work etc as previously i used to have nothing until cuppa time at work and have half a bar, then have half a bar at 3 pm and then my shakes at night! but if i can get the tetras i can have that at work and leave the bar for night time! and have a shake :D thats the plan anyway!

Serena A

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Go for it hun, maybe you could look at the delay until you find a counsellor as a positive and use the time to cut the carbs down and get into ketosis before you start CD. Then you won't be grumpy and headachey and starving all at the same time! xx
Sounds like a right plan! At least you have thought about what bases you need to cover. I've not tried the tetra's yet but am looking forward to them! Going to have to get a smoothie maker then, the shaker thing is rubbish and being able to taste the powder is rank! Good luck with the counsellor hunt. I'll send some vibes your way!!!

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