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Need some encouraging words ...

Hi , I am really struggling at the moment , finding it hard to do SS+ without picking more than I should , although I really want to stay on it as I feel loads better and feel I NEED to learn to control my eating by having some food in my diet now ... BUT ..
I cannot belive I have lost my commitment , I have been on TFR ( originally Lipotrim ) for 20 weeks and done so well and just have another 2 stone ish to shift .. and it doesnt want to leave me ... its like my body really wants to stay around 13 stone .. but there is NO way I want to stop till I get to at least 11 stone .
I was doing soooo well yesterday .. till about 9pm I suddenly scoffed a muller lite yoghurt :( ... I know its not the worst thing I could eat .. but WHY did I do it ?? I could have just gone to bed .. but I didnt ... grrrr to me !!

I am 100% determined to be 100 % today .. but I was yesterday and look what happened :cry::cry::cry:

any encouraging words will be much appreciated :)
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Come on hun!

You can do it!

If you are having problems sticking to it think about people doing SS...they cant have ANY food AT ALL!!

What do you normally have?

Last night i had

60g steamed chicken with a little paprika seasoning
110g cottage cheese
1tblsp pickled red cabbage
1tblsp salad leaves.

was SOOOO yummy!!

(had to start SS+ cos of all the constipation :cry:)

Start savouring food...and save your last shake for the late evening if that is when you get peckish.

Come on hun we can do this!

pm me if you need to!
you have come so far and done so well, i used to also save my last shake till about 10pm or earlier if i was feeling hungry, think thats the best way to go

maybe do an 810 week to give your metabolism a bit of a boost or even keep to 810 for now, its not much different re weight losses really maybe a lb or 2 a month but theres different foods allowable eg eggs and prawns and the portions are huge compared to ss+ and might not make you feel like picking

you CAN lose the rest of this weight :)


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you can do this you know you can, try doing just ss so food is out of the equation all together, i was struggling a little with th ss+ so i went to 810 and my weight is flying off and im not hungry either
thanks ladies , i dont want to take food out of the equation really as I need to start learning to control it more , .. 810 may be a good option for me .. will speak to my CDC on friday ... I have been tempted to try slimming world or another diet plan as I feel I need to eat a little more , so 810 may be the way to go :)


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hey your losses are amazing! firstly i can barely get through a week without having a blip so you really are an inspiration to me :)

youve done so well and come so far that you need to just stick with it maybe going onto 810 will be the push your body needs to shift that 2 stone? x

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