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Need to ask all you Slimming World babes a question


I joined Slimming World last summer when I was still at University and between June and September I lost a stone. I then left (dropped out) of University in November and moved back home. At home I never joined a group but I more or less stuck to the diet on my own since, not even online, and I've lost another stone. I'm actually returning to University in September and I'm hoping to go back to the same group. However, the thing is, I'm actually pretty much at my target - I want to go back because the last couple of pounds just WON'T COME OFF. Its definitely soo soo hard to lose once you're nearly at target and I think I need the weekly weigh ins to motivate me.

So my question is....and it actually seems like a pretty pathetic one to ask but I'm genuinely concerned....Do you think its going to be ok me turning up not looking like I need to lose weight at all and will it look like I'm being all smug when I'm re-joining so close to my target? I'm actually more embarrassed at the idea of turning up slim that when I was overweight! I hope you understand what I mean.

Has anyone else had someone turn up who doesn't really look like they need to lose weight? What was everyone's reaction?
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Erm...I've just my stats and posts from last summer. It seems I'm actually two pounds BELOW my target?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??! I thought my target was 100 pounds!!!!! Wow I can't believe that!!!! Well....100 pounds is my new target!

Right ok so I've actually only got like three pounds to lose. But I'm telling you, they're just NOT SHIFTING.
Hi, well done for sticking to plan on your own. I'm pretty sure to join you need a minimum of 7lbs to lose so if you have that then there's no reason to feel awkward. A lady at my group joined and lost 7lbs and now comes weekly to maintain.

Don't worry about how it will look to other people. I'm sure all of us would prefer to have joined SW when we only had a little to lose rather than waiting until now so well done.:)

Oh, just seen your second post, with only 3lbs left to go I'm not sure if you can rejoin but I could be wrong so give the consultant a ring and find out.
Oh really? :( I don't have 7 pounds to lose. I mean....I'd love to lose 7 pounds!! But I think that'd take me below a 'normal' bmi and I don't think they'd allow that.

What if its the same group and same group leader? She might remember me from last year and say its ok? As I have been sticking to it for a year really, just not going to a group!
Give her a ring and check. I may be talking rubbish but I'm sure I've heard or read it somewhere. I don't think you're allowed below healthy BMI either at group but could be wrong there too.

Haha I'm a lot of help aren't I.:p
Yeah no I assumed as much about the bmi. Yeah I'll call her. It'd be really cool to go back and see everyone I was with last summer. See how everyones done after an entire year!


shrinking granny
Congratulations and well done on your weight loss

There is a girl at our group, she joined with 7lbs to loss.

now she is a target member and does not have to pay at meetings anymore.

If you think it will help I'd join and then keep going when you get to target to keep you on tract.

never worry what people my think, you know why you are there
Thanks guys.

Congrats on both your weight losses as well. Honestly, I'm amazed when I see everyone's little counter things. I can't believe how well people are doing!

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