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need to go cold turkey on caffine please help


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i think i have a caffinee addiction i drink nothing but coffee or diet coke (and i really do mean nothing) and i'm a chocoholic and i can't just have one little bar once i start and i was wondering if me drinking so much coke and coffee was making me crave chocolate never effected my weightloss in the past but thinking about it chocolate has been my down fall every time making me quit slimming world everytime
was hoping its like smoking if u stop u will slowly not want it anymore.
not sure i even like coke anymore
sorry if i sound silly
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In my case, the more chocolate I have, the more I want! But if I leave it for a week or two, I find I don't crave it.

I was finding coffee with caffiene was making me really anxious so I switched to decaff. It tastes nice, and I no longer get anxious throughout the day. Have you tried decaff?


I love coffee to and drink a lot, but I have switched to decaff in the last few weeks and honestly I cant tell the difference and I haven't suffered from caffeine withdrawal at all.

I did once switch years ago and got a bad head so switched back but nothing this time, i'm amazed, try it, you may like it :D


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I found having been raised on caffiene and feeling lousy from it, the stuff does have an effect on you if taken a lot. I gave it up and it took a couple of attempts but I did it. I did the cold turkey method.....

The trick is to choose a time you have the least to do and don't have to work or run off anywhere. Buy the strongest painkillers you can stand (The headache you will get on the first day is unbearable!) along with decaf tea and coffee so you don't miss the taste and drink itself and don't touch anything with it in at least for the first 48 hours and drink lots of water. By the second day, you will notice the fogginess and craving have gone.


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I tried going cold turkey on caffeine a few months ago, I'm a tea-drinker, and I had the most awful headaches. I felt so ill. I gave up giving up! I plan to try again soon, but one thing at a time, going to lose my weight whilst enjoying my tea and then will slowly introduce caffeine-free tea. That's the plan!


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thank you all
i like decafe so will have to get that i don't really have some much of a prob with the seperate just when i have coke i think i crave chocolate and i'd do anything to break my chocolate addition cause its always my down fall

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I drink Decaff coffee at work and as the others have said..you cant really taste the difference.
As for the cokes..reduce them rather than go cold turkey, unless you want to suffer the shakes, migraines and mood swings that go with it! I have done the cold turkey bit and it was hell...you do eventually snap out of it, but it was really difficult..you have to be really determined and strong!


is getting better at it
i was drinking 2 litres of pepsi max aday and gave up, you can get bad withdrawl symptons mine were really bad headaches and the shakes and felt really rough for a couple of days 3 at most
when it got to bad i had a small glass of the stuff but managed it in the end now when i drink it i get bad heartburn, its the same when i have chocolate now
good luck


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I drink way too much coffee and could probably do with cutting down as well but I would recommend weaning yourself off rather than going cold turkey. Start by substituting decaffeinated for a few cups and gradually reducing the number of caffeinated ones. And as others have said, increasing the amount of water you drink will also help.


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It's amazing reading through this post and realising this is about ordinary soft drinks and hot beverages... not some kind of Class A drug withdrawal... really makes you stop and think about what we put into our bodies!


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I don't drink tea or coffee, but I've been fighting the battle against diet coke lol.
Realised it'd got ridiculolus when I was drinking 2 litres a day and nothing else...
I started buying bottles of decaf and cans of usual diet coke..
Plan was to drink the decaf and have 1 can of coke a day..
Had killer headaches at first, but the caffeine free helped with the cravings as I think it tastes pretty similar. Especially when you have the coverted can of proper coke and can't tell the difference.
I also got some tasty sugar free squash in so when after a few days I realised I wasnt craving the coke as much I should be drinking more water I was still getting something tasty.
It is crazy hard, and I would reccomend doing it in stages (which is a bummer if you're on a budget cos 2 litre bottles are cheaper!) But if you cut down to 1 litre a day it's still a big improvement.
Now I have one can a day which is always a big treat because I still love it!


I used to drink about 1.5 litre of diet coke daily as didn't drink tea or coffee, i used to get daily headaches aswell as migraines,my consultant told me to cut out all caffeine and see if they improved, the 1st few days were sheer hell and I also had to cut out all painkillers so had 2 put up with the pain! i'd definately recommend a gradual withdrawal rather than cold turkey, i still get migraines but don't get headaches hardly at all. Caffeine is so addictive - i drink caffeine free diet coke now and only 4 litres a weeks and if i want chocolate i choose white as it has no caffeine in it..it's very sweet too so you don't eat as much!

if you do get headaches from withdrawal make sure you take painkillers without caffeine (normally fast acting ones)