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Need to vent re day from hell

i know this is a lil off topic but i chat to you lot on here and need to vent. Its my sons 2nd birthday in couple of days, plus my bessie mates wedding, so today i went shopping. Arrived at 11am and had spent £200+ by half past lol. So went to debenhams cos needed a refund on a faulty, so stood at till and put my bags down beside me, as you do, didnt think anything. Anyhow as i was having refund the person beside me (who i took no notice of at all) finished before me, and lo and behold, i finish my transaction, look to pick bags up and that person had taken them :cry::cry::cry:I have nada money left and am so sad/mad/disbelieving. Got the police into debenhams and debs dont have a cam pointing to that till so can do nothing. Great eh :mad::sigh::cry::cry::cry:
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Eyes on the Prize!!
Oh no thats awful!!! I hope you feel better soon. I hope you and your son have a lovely birthday !!
oh no what a nightmare....now be careful don't let that sabotage your weight loss....keep at it...the theft will still be there if you eat...then you will have two issues to contend with....be strong
Oh lovey that is awful :( I just cant understand why someone would do that. For all they knew the bag could have been filled with your lunch leftovers (we wish!)

Thinking about it it could have been a genuine mistake - phone them in the morning they may return the bags?? Hope so xxxxxxxxxxx
oh hun thats awful! i hope somethings sorted for you x
Oh that's terrible, I really hope it was a mistake too. Hopefully it doesn't affect your resolve.
Im hoping that it was a little old lady or something and when she arrived home she was like oops. And returns them. They hadnt been handed in up til close of business yest, im going to give my card provider a call at 8 to see if im insured x

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