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Negative thinking


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So I have been doing slimming world since beginning of august last year and have lost 2stone 5 lbs so far but I just cannot shake my negative thoughts of how fat I look :-s everyone says to me how much I have lost but I just can't see it everything time I look at myself I see my fat arms or my saggy flabby stretched marked belly from having my little girl.
I think I might have a bit of depression as I have so much more bad days than good days now and I just don't really understand why! When I got to 12.7 I was happy how I looked and felt thin and now i weigh less I'm hovering at 12 and feel massive! My target is 10st and im on my way to it but i think I'm starting on a slippery slope as when I'm having a really bad day I don't eat much and don't eat many carbs through the week either anymore some days when I'm feeling good I eat normally for extra easy tho! I know it's not doing my weight loss any good either! Don't really have any questions I just needed to get the thoughts out of my head! Thanks for reading xx
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get a rucksac and fill it with 2st 5 of weights and then take a walk with it on.. you'll soon appreciate losing it..

and your tummy stretch marks are a badge of honor for having your (presumably to you at least) beautiful daughter..

you need to watch more "how to look good naked" on a sunday morning..


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Hi Suze, Looks like you may well have a bit of depression but on the other hand what exactly are you eating?
As I am not doing the SW diet I cannot gauge that myself and if you were to keep a diary, which I see that you are not, other SW people on here would be able to help you more efficiently.

However, you are doing very well so far. That in itself is great. Try not to get so downhearted about your appearance as you see it, that is sometimes the change that hapens when you become a mum.
As a long time depressive myself, altering your train of thought is a very difficult thing to do but that is what you must work on now.
Watching a bit of Gok Wan and seeing how he gets women to look at themselves differently is quite amazing so do give it a go...

Will come back to see how you are getting on..
Don't give up Suze, you have lots going for you especially with your lovely little girl looking to you as a shining example.

Take care sweetie.....:)
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I know exactly what you mean, i have not lost as much as you but I have lost just over a stone.

When starting my SW journey I was looking really forward to going out shopping for a new outfit for my engagement party, however i am now dreading it.
Went yesterday and everything i tried i on i just felt fat and ugly in. Everything seemed to be strapless and all i kept thinking was urgh everyone is going to see my fat and flabby arms :(. I am now dreading the party lol.

I think it takes a while for us to see our body differently and to lose them negative thoughts.
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Adjusting to weight loss is something that is really hard to do.

I lost 5 stone last year and somedays I couldn't really get over that this slim woman was really me.
I let it slide, for various reasons and took stock a couple of weeks ago, 12lbs heavier.
Now, I'm around the same weight as I was when I first hit target and I feel huge!

Please don't under-estimate the journey that you're on. Its powerful and some days, those negative thoughts tend to take over.
I'd say, focus on the positives - look what you've achieved so far - it takes a strong person to decide that they need to change something and to go for it.
Your body will change, skin will tighten, but you may well be left with some marks (I've had 3 children through c-sections, so I'll never have a perfect tummy!), but you'll learn to cope with it - for example, I did wear a bikini on the beach last year, I just wore bikini shorts to cover the worst!!

We're all with you and to support you. Take care.


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I'm in a similar place to you - I've lost 3 stone so far and am just over halfway there but I still feel massive. I think it takes a long time for your head to catch up with your body. I've been on a bit of a break and just maintaining the weight loss thus far since December time and I do think that I'm slowly adjusting to how much I have lost. When I have a bad day if I remind myself of what clothes size I am now and this really helps to put it into perspective for me.

I'm also trying to face up to the fact that I need to start doing some exercise to try and help with the flabby bits etc, but I'm not sure if anything can help with the stretched skin bits unfortunately - just have to see how I look when I eventually get to target and work on it from there I guess.
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Keep on track and one day you will catch yourself in the mirror and think......blimey is that me?????

You will need to get used to compliments.....because you will get lots.......

And you may feel better in yourself as I did because I was ashamed of myself and have now lost 38lbs plus/ I feel so much more confident, however I do not think I ever will be 100% as I do suffer from anxiety.

I have had 2 c sections so my tum will never be flat but I remind myself these are the scars from having 2 beautiful boys.

Be strong babe...you are wonderful

Julie xx
S: 11st5.0lb C: 11st2.0lb BMI: 29.5 Loss: 0st3lb(1.89%)
be strong :)
i also had a c section and have stretch marks all over my belly and upper legs, but they dont bother me anymore, my litle girl told me i had a lovely squishy belly and that made me prouder than having toned abs! :)
S: 12st7lb C: 11st2lb G: 10st12lb BMI: 26 Loss: 1st5lb(10.86%)
hi i am in the same situation.I have been at target now for nearly two years but i feel larger now than i did when i reached target.
If your brain takes takes longer to catch up then mine must be on strike;)
Keep up the good work.
S: 75.3kg C: 67.59kg G: 63.05kg BMI: 27.2 Loss: 7.7kg(10.24%)
Take pride in the 2 stone 5lbs you have lost, this a journey you have decided to take, and no-one promised it would be an easy road, but have a look back and see how far you have come. That in it's self is an amazing feat. Well done you.
S: 12st10lb C: 10st6lb G: 10st8lb BMI: 20.9 Loss: 2st4lb(17.98%)
How good is that chart!!!!!! Amazed at how slim the girl looked on there who is the same height and weight as me. I dont look like her though, but I will do soooooooon. That has really given me a boost, thanks for the link


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S: 33st5.5lb C: 19st11lb G: 16st9lb BMI: 33.7 Loss: 13st8.5lb(40.75%)
how do we submit pictures to it? they don't have one of someone my weight and height...

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