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Nervous about today!!


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It's my sister in laws wedding today, and (a bit selfishly) I'm nervous!!

I feel a bit weird as it's not even my wedding, but I feel a bit exposed!! It's the first time that I would have seen a lot of hubbies family and friends, and I have nothing to hide behind. Previously, I would have worn something comfy and mumsy and hid behind the kids (generally picking them up to hid myself). However, there is no way I can do that today as 1) they are bridemaids. 2) I am wearing killer heels, so probably won't be able to walk, let alone carry!! Also, my dress is bright pink, so no shying away in the background today!! It is also quite fitted, so no floaty material. Also, the bride tells anyone who stands still long enough how much weight I have lost, and it can get a bit embaressing.

I'm still a size 16, so I don't know if I'm going to look like a big girl who's wearing a dress she shouldn't be wearing!! Mutton and lamb springs to mind!!!

I know no one is going to be taking any notice of me, but I'm a bit scared to be going so full on.
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Hey hon xx its going to be weird getting ur pins out for the first time in ages but im sure you look absolutley gorgeous in ur dress. You have done really well and she is probably trying to be nice when she points it out to people so just smile and say thanks if she is doing it to be catty think how annoying it is to her when you just way yep thanks i do look great.
From your pic you have the colouring and figure to pull off a bright pink dress go out there have a fab day . As for the heels as my mum would say chin up boobs out shoulders straight now strut! Xx


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As for the heels as my mum would say chin up boobs out shoulders straight now strut! Xx
that made me laugh!! Sounds like good advice!!! I will remember it.

It's a 4 o'clock wedding, so hopefully Im going to the gym this morning to keep myself busy, and then have 4 people to get ready. So I will just try to enjoy it.

Thanks girlies xx


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I hope you have a wonderful time - weddings can be so emotional and I can imagine how nervous you are.

You have done SO well - and you truly are a lamb in lambs clothing (to borrow your analogy) now.

Stand tall (in those heels!) and proud and take delight in it all. Much deserved indeed.

Have a wonderful day xx


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judging by your photo in signiture, you'll be a knock out! it must be daunting having to force yourself into situations where you feel exposed but as your brain catches up with how your body has changed it'll get easier. however, thats a lot better than still being bigger and having an awful time at the wedding wishing you were slimmer :D have a lovely day. x
I was going tosay looking at your signature pics then you will look amazing!!

Have a wonderful day, I am sure you will relax into the situation & have a great day x x


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I agree, you do look amazing and will look simply lovely today.
Just enjoy yourself and be confident that you look fantastic!
judging by your photo in signiture, you'll be a knock out! . x
That's exactly what I was going to say -you look fantastic in your photos and I bet you will be an absolute knockout this afternoon!


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To be honest girls....it's a particularly flattering pic, whic is why I chose it lol


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unless you've been airbrushing, you have nowt to worry about lol. flattering or not, u can see your figure is tiny. surely the size 16 status is due to the big bust (forgive my bluntness!) because you look really small. Im not sure where you are going to lose your last 40lbs from to be honest! you'll be hot in hot pink :) i hope the weather stays nice for you (and for your SIL too, of course lol)


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Aww - you'll look gorgeous. I think half the people there will be feeling self-conscious for one reason or another so just try to relax and enjoy it.

If accepting compliments comes hard to you, practice a few stock responses to use so they don't leave you flustered.

Have fun.

Enjoy the day, I agree with the others, you will look amazing.

I reckon your sils just proud of you, tho I know its embarrassing, my sil does the same!!


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I have uploaded some pics of the wedding x


is working hard.....
I hope it went well Melarnz, and that you had a fabulous day.

Off to look at your piccies now!


EDIT: - WOW!!!!! you look stunning and should be so proud of yourself xx
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sorry I missed you yesterday. Bet you looked fab and evryone said how good you looked -if they didn't send em round ere and we'll all kick a*se.Hope the day went well and gave you a much needed and deserved sense of confidence.x:love047::clap:


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you looked lovely. dress is gorgeous and you look great in it. have to say the girls are little stunners too!
Umm...how do you look at the photos? I can't work it out :eek:

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