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Discussion in 'Cambridge Diet 100% Posts!' started by dropsofjupiter, 29 July 2008 Social URL.

  1. dropsofjupiter

    dropsofjupiter Lurks a lot

    I have been here a loooong time, but never managed to stick with CD for long enough to get the weight off.

    New start tomorrow, and I am damned well going to stick to rules and lose this weight.

    Today, day zero, I weigh 13 stone 6lbs..... Next week I want to be half a stone lighter. And I will be! Initial goal weight is healthy BMI 25 ((stone 10lbs) then eventually possibly a stone under that to give me some space for maintenance.

    No reason for posting this other than putting it in black and white to shock myself into getting on with it. Thanks for reading if you have done so!
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  3. Camille

    Camille Silver Member

    Good luck xx
  4. dropsofjupiter

    dropsofjupiter Lurks a lot

    Thanks Camille, I think I may have found my motivation!
  5. kate1971

    kate1971 Member

    Was just thinking that myself WOW Camille what an amazing weight loss. I have just restarted on monday and oh my god what an inspiration you are AMAZING. Any tips lol.
  6. payphone

    payphone Full Member

    Best of luck this time, don't forget we are all here to support you.
  7. Janie1978

    Janie1978 Full Member

    Good luck! ! Keep strong hun xxx
  8. Orange Plum

    Orange Plum Full Member

    good luck - you can do it!x
  9. Hedgehog

    Hedgehog Gold Member

    Best of luck :)
  10. Boo

    Boo Silver Member

    Good luck & don't forget we're all here to support each other. :D

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