New 2009 Plan


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It hasnt been revealed yet. Theres been a few threads about it but its just speculation just now. Think youll need to wait until the official launch


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My consultant had a suspiciously good loss last week, and someone said on another thread that their consultant was doing the new plan - Maybe consultants get to trial it, would that make sense?


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There is another thread about it on this forum. People are saying that you can mix free foods, ie meat and carbs in each meal but just take one healthy A and one healthy B.


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My consultant is doing it at the moment and she has lost 11lbs in the last few weeks. She told me it is all free foods (red and green) that are free on the plan and you can pile your plate with both . i.e lots of meat and potatoes and veg (no counting). However it is only one hexa and one hexb per day and your normal 10 syns.

She told me this at class on wed, however plan won't be avail till next month to class memebers.


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Wow, sounds FAB!!!!

Don't always use all my HEB's & don't often drink milk. Think sliced bread is a bit naff aswell!!!

So that just leaves a bit of cheese &/or cerial which would fit really nicely, not real sacrafice with loads of gains!!!

Only one question, what about syns? Will they be re evaluated? or maybe for example mug shots or pasta & sauce, will they take the red syn value? If this is the case that could be a major down side!!

Lisa x


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Just had a thought, if they do re evaluate the syns, then it will not be too much different from the weight watchers no count?


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Didn't realise that, I went to WW's for a few weeks a few years ago & I don't remember the fact you couldn't snack on free food. I seem to remember eating cerial whenever I wanted.

The reason I stopped was because if you followed that plan the points didn't give too many treats.

The other reason was the group leader, she never actually talked to anyone in the group, just preached about how well she'd done on the plan and was completely over the top with selling her books etc. It was a bit like the look at me & my books show!! Not really very motivational.

I'm sure all the WW leaders aren't like that, I was probably just a little unlucky with the class I chose.

Lisa x


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Someone posted on my thread about a new one where you can have both meat and potatoes but only one a and one b healthy extra. I'm not too sure bout this tho as I have been doing sw for yrs on and off and thought the one thing you couldnt do was have both meat and potatoes except for the way they do mix to max (which is already in action). So who knows, wait and see I guess.


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I think it will be used aswell as the other plan to add to the existing one i.e Success Express and Mix to Max, gives more variety. xxx