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Hi all, im new so hi, have ordered 4 weeks worth of Xante shakes, bars and soups. Are there many other men doing this ? Do you know how long it takes for the product to come as ideally i want to start it on the 1st as i have a couple of days of before work and i know the first couple are the worst as you body gets used to it. I will try and set up my own diary if it lets me it said something about having to have 50 posts ? and i will put my weight and measurements and also maybe a few pictures so then new members will be able to see the difference it makes to somebody. My aim is to stick to it for 3 weeks, just having 3 shake, soup or bars a day and lots of water and maybe go for the occasional run at night. As after the third week i will be going away for the weekend and i will have another look at myself and see if i need to carry on the same or maybe change it a little, i want to lose 2 stone in 3 weeks to take me down to 14stone and my overall target weight would be 12 and a half stone and then i will keep on top of my weight and work out to burn the extra calories i will be eating, sorry for the long intro haha, hopefully everything will work out
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Hi and welcome. Suggest you start a diary thread in the Exante section for support and answers to your questions.

You can do this now you don't have to wait until 50 posts.

Have a read of the stickies in the Intro section on how many posts you need.

Irene xx