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new and needy

hi everyone, its my first time on any forum, please be patient..i'm not sure how much weight i need to lose because my scales wont weigh me any more. i have always been overweight but had started to lose some weight 5 years ago, and then became pregnant against all the odds when my children were 21 and 18. my son is now 4 and we both fought against all the odds to still be here. suffered from bad post natal depression, now off meds for that, still have high blood pressure, very underactive thyroid, terrible restless legs syndrome, insomnia..i'm a mess, really! i try to be upbeat but i'm very scared i will die before i see my son and grandson grow up. i want to enjoy life! it just seems impossible that i can succeed..i am here asking for help, but i dont honestly believe i can do this..please help me :cry:
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1st congrats on coming to the site there are some great motavational stories om here, it's great to come on here when times are hard and you feel like reaching for something to eat.

You say you want to see the kids grow up but dont believe you van do it, just think when you reach for a cake/bag of crisps etc is it really worth it and think of the bigger picture, easier said than done I know.

Anyway welcome aboard and good luck on your weight loss journey.
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But of course you can do it Tracey. Just take one day at a time and make one small change each day, whether it be cutting out a bag of crisps, eating a piece of fruit or taking a walk around the block. Don't try and do everything at once.

You don't actually need scales to lose weight, a tape measure will do. Make your first challenge removing enough weight to register a reading on your scales instead of the dreaded "EE". Or work towards the next dress size down.

You'll find a lot of us on here that do our own plans using calories/healthy eating/reduced carbs rather than following the regimented WW/SW routes. If you have dieted before try using the same method. No matter what I try I always come back to counting calories and reducing my carb intake as that's what suits me best.

A lot of people on here use My Fitness Pal to record their food/exercise.

Ease yourself into it slowly and come back and talk to us some more.

If you want motivating stories on here have a browse on the Century Club thread.


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Hi :)

Why don't you list the things you would like to change about the way you eat now and work on them.

Are you looking at any particular plan or just want to eat more healthily?

we're all here for you. i have a whole person in weight to lose (8 stones!) so know how daunting it feels
hi..wow, you have all done so well already! thank you for your replies, just seeing how you are doing is inspirational. i've decided to get a tape measure and track my journey that way until the scales can handle it lol. it just seems like such a mountain to climb, but the stories i've read on here make me think for the first time, maybe it just might be possible! thank you for your support :)
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Welcome to the forums :)

I can remember well when I got to my heaviest (2002) and my electronic scales couldn't handle it anymore. I got on one day and the numbers were going all 'funny' ... lines here there and everywhere. I told my husband about it and he got on and they displayed his weight no problem. It was then I realised I was over their 22st limit. What a shock that was! Even so, I continued to ignore it for another year. I had diabetes, high blood pressure and my joints were in agony. I felt about 80 years old!

I've lost and gained weight over and over ever since then (serial yo-yo dieter I'm afraid :( ). I got down to a bit over 12st in 2007 but regained 5st quite quickly until I hit 17st 11lb. I stayed at this weight for 3 years until I started Exante on the 20th October. I'm almost at the end of week 3 so a long way to go still but hopefully I'll stick with it because being smaller felt fantastic.

Have you decided which route you're going to take? There is no 'right or wrong' ... only the right one FOR YOU. You are a unique individual and there is no single diet that suits everyone.

Think about your lifestyle, your personality and whether the time frame is important or even relevant to you. Once you've thought about that, you can consider which plan is most likely to suit you and lead you to a new, healthier, slimmer 'you'.

Good luck - we're all here to support you on your journey

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Hi Tracey :) welcome! Have u decided which plan to follow? Could u WI at boots or buy different scales! I don't think inch loss would motivate me enough as it doesn't show in a week! Hope ur well xz
hi Carly, thanks for reply...i've thought about the whole weighing v measuring thing..and i've been through my wardrobe and found clothes ina variety of sizes that i have either not worn for a long long time, or never worn at all, so i'm sorting them out and using the biggest of them as a goal, hanging the goal item up where i can see it and try it on every week....i really dont want scales to feature heavily in my plan. i know its going to be a long road specially because due to some health issues i have trouble with mobility so exercise is hard at moment, but when my pain levels are more stabilised i can do more and hopefully see more results, and get into some of those clothes :) dieat wise, i am just going to do healthy eating because i have such a long way to go i dont think i could sustain a specific diet for that long, but healthy eating is a change of lifestyle forever so the sooner i get into those new habits the better..does that make sense? i think whole foods is the way to go, i have done a lot of reading and processed food is always the big baddy that comes up time and time again, so its back to basics for me..might even begin to enjoy cooking again :)


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Hi Tracey and welcome to the forums :) Losing weight is not easy at all, especially when you have a big amount to lose, you feel it to be a long dooming tunnel that will never end. Think of your son and grandson every time you feel like you're going to break your diet, I think most of us who diet have a period where everything goes wrong and fall off the wagon. (At least it's happened to me - which is why I am back trying again more determined than ever!) I am sure all of us on the forum will be here to help when you need it! :D I like you're attitude to change your lifestyle, other than just following a diet till you're at the target weight. I've been having fun cooking the past week on my diet, looking up recipes on the internet and copying some that people have shared on the forums! You don't need to do major exercise to lose weight, if you stick to your diet you will lose it . Nice idea as well with the clothes, I am doing that too!
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Sounds a sensible approach! I too have a wardrobe of sizes!! As long as u think u can stay motivated with only clothes/inches then go u ;) cx
S: 34st4lb C: 32st12lb G: 17st1lb BMI: 57.5 Loss: 1st6lb(4.17%)
Hope things are going well :)

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