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New and scared!

Hi everyone,

I'm new to this slimming world section but have been on minis for a while.

I'm switching from Cambridge to sw on Tuesday after hearing so much great stuff about it. Although Cambridge has kinda worked for me i find it way to restrictive for my lifestyle but i'm woried about starting a new plan.

I don't know much about sw yet but hopefully will be clearer after Tuesday's meeting. I'm worried that for so long my mind set has been that eating is bad, any kind of eating so to go from 3 shakes a day to eating healthy and hopefully filling meals i'm hoping i can adjust and finally lose weight.

Anyway just wanted to say hi, introduce myself and hopefully gain a bit more insight about how your all finding sw.x
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Hi and welcome along! Good luck on Tuesday, SW is fab and i'm so sure you'll find it not only a complete change but also a wonderful way to eat, enjoy good food, big meals and lose weight along the way!! Jay x

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Hello and welcome!!!
SW is a fantastic plan...I did CD and I agree its too restrictive and the side effects that I suffered with are not worth mentioning!!!
Have a look at the diary pages to give you some hints and tips on meal plans and also the recipie part.
Good luck with your weight loss journey and I look forward to reading more posts from you in the future!

Welcome to this part of Minis!
I did CD too albeit on and off a fair few times. I found it too restrictive for my life, it made me REALLY miserable and deep down I knew that I wouldn't stick to it long term. I think CD can be a great plan and work wonders for some but I'm not one of those people.
I have tried SW before too and given up but this time something has clicked and I feel so determined. It is a FAB plan and there really isn't any room to get bored at all. I haven't once felt hungry or craved anything because everything is "allowed".
I am sure your SW Consultant will explain it all to you next week and you will get your head round it in no time. Plus, the people on here are great and really, really helpful!! It is like having your own little 24/7 SW Consultant.
Good luck for next week xx
Aww, what a nice welcome, thankyou girls! Think i'm gonna like it here, lol.

I am really excited about starting and having the energy to get back into the gym and exercising...aswell as being able to have nights out and be able to have a glass of wine if i like!

CD did make me soo miserable, i'd say bordering on depressed and although it works for some people i too was sure not one of them. I have never been a depressive or even low mood person so to notice such a dramatic change in my character is what prompted me to look for alternative weight loss plans.

I've looked at the before and after posts and am very very impressed, infact think i'll have a duvet day and read all the sw diaries and sticky threads and try to get as prepared as possible!

I have a diary already but in the members diary section so not sure if i'll start a sw one but more than likely just incorporate my sw journey into my already existing one.

Thanks again for the welcome.xx
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Hi I am also new, I went to my first SW class wednesday. I was also previously doing CD, but was finding I was having serious issues with how I viewed food, and needed to learn to eat healthily and enjoy food again.
Today is only my second day on plan, and it has been good. I feel so much better for actually eating though. Some habits die hard though as I still find myself drinking silly amounts of water.



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I think SW is great, and I'm sure it's an excellent way to get used to healthy eating after CD. I've tried weightwatchers before, and calorie counting, but this is my favourite, it's not like being on a diet, so I haven't had the urge to binge that I've had on other diets.


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Hi Airgirl, yes it will be much clearer after your meeting on Tuesday. It is a simple plan to follow and you will never be hungry on it. And we are all here to help you along the way x


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Welcome aboard! Trust me, you will enjoy what you're eating and will lose weight! And save money! You don't need to spend on special foods, it's all just normal stuff. Get a magazine, you will be amazed how much you can eat and still lose weight!


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Hi and welcome to sw. This is my first week and I was a bit daunted at first but I'm now into the way of things. We are a friendly bunch and will try and help you with any queries you may have. This is the easiest eating plan I have come across and believe me I've had a few over the years.

There is a recipe thread which is great for ideas or if your looking for ideas I'm sure someone will help out.

Good luck on your first week, I'm sure you will enjoy it x


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Hi and Welcome! :)
This is a great forum to join, I rely more on the opinions and shared experience on here than I do from my group! xx

Kealun - Don't worry about the loads of water, it's a great idea to do that with any diet. Helps keep things moving along ;)


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Hi Airgirl, from another one from the CD forum! lol
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Hi this is my 3rd week on SW & I have found out lots reading the forums. Feel a bit shy about posting but as everyone seems that welcoming I am sure it will not take me long to increase my posts :eek:


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Hi this is my 3rd week on SW & I have found out lots reading the forums. Feel a bit shy about posting but as everyone seems that welcoming I am sure it will not take me long to increase my posts :eek:
yeah we are all friendly here, get posting so we can get to know you!
Yeah it does seem friendly round here but then i think this whole site is quite unique in the fact that i rarely notice negative posts! Just a quick question someone can hopefully answer........I'm going to attend a group on Tuesday as i think i'd benefit from a group and weekly weigh ins but i may not be able to attend every Tue or even every week for that matter due to my work, so will i have to pay for missed weeks? I obviously have very intention of staying on plan and would only be unable to get there every week due to being out of the country.

I have tried calling the leaders number but it doesn't connect. I know i can ask her this on Tue, just being impatient!!

And Nicky.......you do sw??? I never realised.xx


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If you're going to be unable to attend certain weeks because of work then just let the consultant know and you won't have to pay for those weeks. I'm in a similar situation and I just call my consultant to give her notice if I'm going to be working. They're pretty understanding about it so you should be just fine :) x
Thanks for your quick response, i hoped as much.x
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welcome to the forum hun, if you work shifts then let your swc know, i think she can arrange that you go to a different group if you cant make it or whatever but if she knows i dont think you will have to pay extra. if you miss weeks without notice then you will have to pay for missed weeks.

just remember food is not the enemy, food to be enjoyed so never feel guilty for it. i know its hard giong from cd to sw, i have done cd before and its a nightmare but try to reset everything you think at the moment

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