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New and starting Monday~!


I am starting on Monday and would like to say I have spent the afternoon reading some people posts and stories and you are all an inspiration! I actually did Cambridge and failed terribly, I lost about 2 stone before my wedding- still felt like a whale in my dress :( I actually hate my wedding photos and have not even printed them to put in an album! so, I want to get to 15 stone, and then try and achieve 12 :) I don't think I have been 12 stone since I was in high school?I am 5'8 so always carried it well, infact when I hit 13/14 I think I may be happy :) I want to be able to buy clothes that look good, and I want to start riding my horses again, I gave up because I was fed up with looking like a fatty and the felt like I was too heavy for my horse :( . I failed the cambridge but I am bad at discipline! But I am going to try to hard and stick with this, so if you are starting on Monday for the new year then please get in touch and lets do this together :) xxx:)
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Welcome sg and good luck.
It sounds like you have similar stats to me when I started in October. My BMI then was 43.8, but am happy that I've now got it down to 36.1. I've not been down at the 12 stone mark since I was about 12, so I'm so excited that this diet might help me to make it to a 'normal' weight.

I think the best bit about this diet, is that you can mix it with working solution; so if you're really missing food you can mix it with some lean meat / low carb and still stay in ketosis (the weight loss may slow down a bit), but at least it gives you some options without necessarily having to fall off the wagon totally (if you have a bad day!)

Anyway, welcome and good luck, and hopefully 2011 will be your year to lose the weight. xx
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you can put a ticker in to your signature on the cp (control panel) cant remember if you need to have done 50 posts or not for the photo!! :)


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hey, you will do okay. If you feel you cant do just shakes then nibble on some chicken. I love cold chicken with a sprinkling of salt & pepper. Good luck :D
oh also when I was doing cambridge I would have - shake for breakfast, shake for lunch and soup for dinner and then another shake in the evening- I am planning on having half a bar for breakfast, shake for lunch, soup for dinner and other half of the bar- does anyone else stuggle with just the two sachets and the bar? x


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Welcome hunni, i'm a newbie to and also starting on Monday, there is quite a few of us starting then, it'll be so nice for us all for the support.
I feel the same about my pony, i still ride him though but just promise him i will be lighter soon ;) x x


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S: 21st11lb C: 18st9lb G: 11st3lb BMI: 38.5 Loss: 3st2lb(14.43%)
If you go to tickerfactory.com you can set up your own ticker and it will give you the code to paste into your signature.

The total calories from the Exante 3 packs is equivalent to CD or LL 4 packs, so I don't think it will affect your hunger in any way. But if you prefer to 'eat' something 4 times a day, then breaking the bar in half works well.
Hiya, my packs arrived today & I'm starting Monday too!! So looking forward to it!

I did Cambridge before too and the weight has crept on and clothes are feeling tight :(

Got a couple of family things at the weekend otherwise I would start tomorrow lol! Good luck!!


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Hi i'm starting today, decided to try and get 2 days down before I get back to work - hopefully won't be as painful lol. I have tried Cambridge and lost 8 stone about 3 years ago but thanks to wine and excessive eating / lack of exercise I managed to put it all back on again. Thought I would give Exante a chance as alot of people say that the shakes are nicer and not soo chemically tasting and smelling.

Just about to have my first shake....

Anyway here's to a happy & healthy new year.


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Hello there and welcome. I hope that Exante will help you in becoming a more confident you. You can get all the support you need right here so don't be a stranger, Good luck xx:)


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S: 13st0lb C: 8st13lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 23.6 Loss: 4st1lb(31.32%)
.............sorry can't help I don't like the soups but I hope you do it makes the diet more interesting xx
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Hello everyone, I am starting on Monday too. Lost 4 stone with cd 2 years ago, did exante for 5 weeks over the summer. Looking to go the distance this time.


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Good luck Angie, you have had good losses so far, how are you finding Exante? Tasha x

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